Haute Weddings is one of San Antonio's premier wedding planning companies, consisting of a team of coordinators and wedding industry experts, who behold the experience and passion, to elevate your vision, and make your wedding HAUTE.

We adore our Hautties!  Everyone always asks, "How do you do it?" and the answer is quite simple...because we love it!  We have a Method To The Madness that works, and we truly enjoy the planning process.

We work with the best vendors, at beautiful venues, and we relish the challenge of juggling logistics such as floor plans and budgets, with the creative aspects of design and decor.  Obtaining wedding planning services from Haute Weddings ensures no small detail will be overlooked.  

Meet Our Haute Squad

Michelle Turman

Michelle is our Haute Weddings Director of Events, going on four years in the event industry.

She is certified from QC EVENTS as an International Event and Wedding Planning Professional.

Weddings are her passion and loving all the logistics that go in hand with each. She knows that there will not be one wedding that is the same and is up for any challenge that may come about.

When she is not working, you will find her with family and friends checking out the new trendy restaurants that San Antonio has to offer. 


Norene Rene Casas

I love sharing stories that people can connect to. I have six years of event planning experience and a background in marketing and communications, but mainly I identify as a storyteller. At any job, I aspire to bring stories to life through writing, visuals and experiences.

I strongly believe love conquers all, in laughing until you snort and random dancing. At weddings, I strive to be the wing woman to each of my brides so on their big day they can just dance and take in all the little moments as they begin this new chapter in their love story as Mr. and Mrs.

When I am not working, I enjoy volunteering by doing event logistics for local non-profits that are connected to empowering our community’s youth, pretending I can sing or am having a good glass of wine and conversation with my friends.

Coffee, outside patios, pasta and Grey’s Anatomy are all ways to my heart.