Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique

You’re ENGAGED!!! Now, you need to have your squad by your side through the planning process and ultimately to help celebrate this exciting new chapter! What other way to show your appreciation to them than some unique bridesmaids gifts.

Bridesmaids Gift Boutique is a team of event professionals who wanted to take their knowledge in the industry and build a place where brides can go and find all of their wedding party and bachelorette gifts in one stop.

Currently some of their top trendy items that brides have been choosing are the following:

I recently received their product of the stemless wine glass and I am in LOVE! It was fast shipping and the quality definitely exceeded my expectations. They have so many ideas for gifts and really figured out how to make it personal but also affordable.

IMG_2792 2.JPG

To learn more check out their website ..

How to use this year's Haute colors at your wedding


How to use this year's Haute colors at your wedding

It is officially spring and we cannot wait to make your weddings haute with color!

Pantone announced their Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2018 and we have to say we are in love! From soft colors to bold, there are colors for every bride to easily incorporate in their wedding with vibrant yellow in floral to soft blue bridesmaid dresses.

Below are a few other ways you can use colors this spring and summer to hauten up your wedding.

Add some fire to your candles

Candles are a great way to set the mood. Play up your centerpieces with colored candles or candle holders. You can also add a little mix by using candle holders of different sizes and shapes.

Let the linen slay and lay

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your linen. Prints or overlays, linen are a great way to add a little extra to your reception space with colors and textures. 


Cheers in color

Have your guests use some beautiful blue or orange glasses to add a pop of color to the dinner table or stand out with His and Hers champagne glasses in a beautiful golden glass as your forever keepsakes.

Until next time- simple or over the top make it Haute!


Your Haute Squad

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2018
Featured photos for candles- Left: King River Ranch, right: BBJ Linen
Featured photos for linen- Top Left: Pacific Swell Table Linen, top right: Abigail Floral Shantung Table Linen, bottom left: Blooming Lace Overlay and Slate Faille Table Linen by BBJ Linen.
Bottom right by Marquee
Featured photos for glassware by Marquee.

2017 Haute Couples

Take a moment with us to look back at all of the amazing weddings we had this year! It was a great year for our team and 2018 is looking to be just as great! Cheers to these wonderful couples and thank you for letting us be apart of such a special day!

Fall inspired party favors to Fall in Love with

It is officially fall! Our last blog was "7 Amazing ideas for your Fall Wedding" and we couldn't stop there with the fall ideas. We are so excited to share some season inspired party favors your guests will be sure to fall in love with!

Pinecone Fire Starters

Looking for a favor that is easy and not very expensive? Why not having pinecone fire starters as your favor? This is easy to create and so fun and different for your guests.


Let love light the way

A personalized votive or simply a vanilla scented candle, candles are something your guests can use for those chilly nights. Add in some custom matchbooks with cute little sayings like “sparks flew” for an extra touch.

The endless possibilities of mason jars

Who doesn’t love mason jars? You can use them to drink your favorite beverage or for a country inspired vase. Fill personalized Mason jars with some of you and your husband-to-be’s favorite snacks then after enjoying the snack your guests can use the jar at their home as they see fit.

Send a cup of love with tea, coffee or even hot chocolate

Nothing screams fall like cozying up with a nice warm cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Packaging up some coffee or tea with shortbread cookies is a great party favor for your guests to use while sending you and yours warm thoughts.

Have S'more Love

  Who doesn't love a good roasted marshmallow over a camp fire on top of Hershey's chocolate and in between two graham crackers? A good way to stay on budget and bring your guests back to times as a kid make s'mores during the Fall season. 

7 Amazing Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

This post was provided by The Marquardt Ranch, a stunning wedding venue in Boerne, TX.


Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. And with this season comes some of the best wedding ideas. Take a look at some of our favorite fall wedding details!


Plaid Shirts

Nothing says fall like plaid. If your wedding will be on the cooler side, thank your bridesmaids with plaid flannels. They can slip the flannels on before and after the ceremony for some fun photos, and they’ll thank you for the extra layer of warmth. For a more casual fall wedding, pick out the perfect plaid shirts for the groomsmen to wear.


Source Credit



There’s just something about fresh pie on a crisp, autumn day. If you’re a pie lover, pick your favorite pie to serve as your wedding cake. Or have a small cake for you and your groom to cut, and have a variety of pies for your guests to enjoy.


Source Credit




Bridal Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is the perfect detail for bridal shots, and the cozy wrap will keep you from freezing on the best day of your life. Choose a scarf that matches your color scheme, or just choose your favorite scarf!


 Source Credit


Pumpkin Spice

Why not bring everyone’s favorite fall drink to your reception? Set up a drink station with mugs and warm drinks…like pumpkin spice lattes! If you decide to keep it simple and stick with coffee, provide a pumpkin spice creamer for your guests to try.


Caramel Apples

The yummy treat that reminds every one of their childhood. Why not wrap them individually and use them as wedding favors? If you already have favors, set up a bar where guests can top their apple with whatever they want.



White pumpkins, mini pumpkins, orange pumpkins, huge pumpkins, and beyond! Use mini pumpkins as adorable placeholders, and use larger pumpkins as centerpieces. If your wedding is near Halloween, you could even use jack-o-lanterns instead.


Source Credit



Include fall-colored leaves in your wedding bouquet or even in your flower crown. Gather leaves and use them to decorate gift tables, drink stations, seating tables, and more.


If you love gold, this is for you. Spray paint leaves gold and write your guests’ names on them as place holders. Or arrange gold spray-painted leaves to create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony. Gold leaves are seriously magical.


5 Keys to a Fun Reception

DJ play that song!

Your DJ sets the tone for the night…literally. You want to make sure they are not only reliable, but they know you. They know your playlist and timeline, the go-to songs that everyone can dance to, and have it all downloaded and ready to go. All that is left to do is hit play and dance the night away!

Hey bartender.

Open bar or cash bar, either way make sure you have enough bartenders for the amount of expected guests because let’s face it, waiting in line when all you want to do is get back out on the dance floor is not fun! Talk to your bar vendor, they will let you know how many bartenders and bar areas you will need based on the amount of specialty drinks you will be providing and how many guests will be celebrating the night with you.

Life on the dance floor.

The dance floor is your stage.  Dance props, like glow sticks, are a fun addition to any party. If you have enough reception time and not too many activities planned during the reception, hired entertainment, like professional salsa dancers or acrobats, is a unique way to surprise your guests and add a little extra pizazz to the night.

Something for the kidos.

Although kids can be entertaining, let the mommies and daddies have a break to hit the dance floor by hiring certified babysitters or providing a kids room. Have games, movies, and coloring books in the room for kids to have their own fun.

Hire a professional wedding planner and just dance!

Let your loved ones and most importantly, YOU enjoy the day and hire a professional wedding planner. Let us take care of all the moving parts and keep your day on schedule. We will ask the important questions ahead of time so we know what is important to you day of and all you have to think about is if you want another slice of cake.

Wedding Traditions: The DRESS

Have you ever wondered where the origin of the bride's wedding dress came about? 

Photo By  Mint Photography

The tradition of the bride wearing a white dress for her wedding has actually been around for centuries dating back to the Victorian Era.  It all started in 1840 when Queen Victoria of England wore a white lace gown on her wedding day. 



During the time Queen Victoria had her wedding the color white symbolized wealth not purity like most might think. The color of purity at that time was actually... blue. In fact, many brides back then wore blue wedding dresses because of that reason.


Photo by  Iliasis Muniz

Photo by Iliasis Muniz

Once women of elevated social status all over Europe and America began wearing white wedding dresses too, then the color white was thought to be the most fitting hue for a bride. And soon white was an emblem of the purity and innocence.

The style and trends have changed but the tradition of the bride wearing a white dress is still alive today!

Wedding Color Trend! Neutrals & Metallics

As seasons may change so do wedding color trends. Let’s take a look at some beautiful color trends as we approach the fall wedding season!

Neutrals such as creams, beige, white or ivory will always be timeless. Having such neutral colors will be able to go with most any theme. Whether you want your wedding in a rustic barn, or a downtown hotel this color trend can go anywhere. Why not use those neutrals but mix it up with some metallics. Check out these inspirations.


Let's talk about the groom first and his tuxedo. These two are very good looking tuxes you can find online at The Black Tux



Then of course the beautiful bride!


Check out this inspiration of stationary.

Top it off with some decor. 




Guest Book Keepsakes Worth Noting- San Antonio Wedding Planner

A guest book is a great way to capture the wishes of all your loved ones who were there to celebrate with you on your big day, but who said the book had to be a book? We gathered a few unique ways to personalize your guest book and make your wedding more about your love story.

Love notes for the years to come

We could not think of a better way to reminisce about your I do’s on your anniversary than to be able to open a bottle with little notes of love and advice from your loved ones who attended your wedding. Each wine bottle will represent an anniversary year. Ask your guests to write a note for you and your husband to read at each anniversary!


Ask your guests to write a little note on a stone for your garden or a flat rock that will later be used for a stone path in your backyard. This is a beautiful way to decorate your new home while remembering those that were there on your big day. Just make sure the stone is not too hard to carry and the right size to fit all of your guest’s signatures and wishes.

Tis the season

Are your nuptials around the holidays or are you in love with Christmas as much as you are with your fiancé? Regardless your reason to be in the season, asking your guests to sign Christmas ornaments are a great way to be surrounded by love from your wedding during the holiday season! You can then use the ornaments to place on your first tree as husband and wife or in a vase with small twinkle lights for a table centerpiece. You can also explore using clear fillable ornaments for you to later put dried flowers from your wedding. What a beautiful way to celebrate the season and your love!


A fun way to entertain your guests during the ceremony is to have a few questions on each table for them to answer on a card that you can later place in a scrapbook.  The cards can ask for advice, their favorite memories of the bride or groom, or their hopes for your future as mister and misses! Get creative or silly with your questions, this is about creating a keepsake of your big day and those you love!

Photo booth fun

Chalk, chalk board and photo booth is all you need to capture photos of your guests and their wishes and advice all in one shot. Ask guests to write a note then take a photo that prints right away. Guests can then place their photo in the scrapbook so you can have a face to the love note they wrote for you!



Skip the Petals: 10 Alternatives for Flower Girl Petal Toss

The groomsmen and bridesmaid have walked down the aisle, everyone is waiting for you to walk to your future husband but first your guests are presented by an adorable flower girl. The flower girl leads the bride as a symbol of innocence fading while the brides role of a mother and wife are coming forward. The flower girls are known to sometimes steal the show. So why not change up the tradition and have the flower girl carry something different other than flower petals.

1.     What if they were to hold a matching mini bouquet of the brides?


2.     A single stem…


3.    Sprinkle a little lavender.


4.     The flower girl could always carry a sign for everyone to read.


5.     Instead of a single steam, have your flower girl pass out the stems to your guest as she is walking.


6.     She might just be going along for the ride.


7.     A ribbon wand sure could make it more fun for the flower girl.


8.     Who said dogs aren’t allowed?


9.     For those winter months, a wreath would be beautiful.


10.   Beautiful Pomander balls

Importance of Wedding Insurance

Make sure you are covered!

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, and you shouldn't have to think about something going wrong. In the real world things happen unexpectedly, whether it is a natural storm disaster or stolen gifts. Wedding insurance can protect you and keep your mind at ease.


Would you buy a car without car insurance or house without house insurance?  When spending a good amount of money towards an event with a lot of moving parts, you want to consider purchasing wedding insurance. Wedding insurance is there by your side when something happens that is out of your control.

Here are many options of coverage:

·         Cancellation and Postponement- For instance, the bride may become ill and need to postpone the wedding. A military deployment is another obstacle that may come sooner than expected having to postpone for a later date. Lastly, consider a venue catastrophe.  

·         Liability coverage focuses on any injury at your wedding including your guests and vendors. You want the best for your friends and family and having liability coverage can give you a peace of mind. It will also cover any property damage to the venue that may be caused by a guest or a vendor.

·         Additional Coverage- This one is important, the recent closing of some bridal gown shops have set brides back tremendously and caused a sudden panic. This coverage will cover lost or stolen wedding attire for the bride or any members of the wedding party. Another instance occurs when a vendor fails to show up for the wedding and you must hire a new vendor last minute. This coverage will cover the cost of the new vendor.


After reading a little bit about the types of coverage available, the cost is more affordable than you may imagine. It will vary depending on the amount of coverage that you want, ranging from $95-$1000. This relatively small fee will save you both time and money.

No wedding is exactly same. When purchasing your wedding insurance make sure you aware of the extent your policy is covering. It is never too early, or too late to purchase your wedding insurance. 

Save yourself some headache and heartbreak, consider purchasing wedding insurance for your special day. 


Stationary Trends - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Stationary is the first peek at the wedding that your guests will see.  You can create a truly memorable experience by simply choosing a personalized or custom stationary suite.  You can be as formal or as casual as you need to be while still incorporating accents or themes that reflect your personalities.  Here are a few of our favorite stationary trends...


All That Glitters

Laser Cut

Ask Your Stationer about Chair Decor

Full Wedding Suites can include everything from the Save The Date, to Shower Invitations, Programs, Menus, Napkins, Information Signs as well as the actual Invitations, so definitely think about all the paper products and then some you might be needing. 


Haute Weddings on Kens5 at the St. Anthony - San Antonio wedding planner

Who could resist filming a wedding segment at the St. Anthony?  Not me!  I love coordinating weddings at the St. Anthony, so when they asked me to participate in their wedding segment for Great Day SA, it was a no-brainer.  

If you haven't been to the St. Anthony since the renovation, you need to put it on your list of To-Do's.  It is definitely a luxury hotel, but even though it is quite regal, there is still an intimacy about it.  You feel comfortable and welcomed home.

Click on the link above to watch the segment.


Floral Trend Forecast - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Did you know there is a Floral Trend Forecast each year provided by the International Floral Distributors?  Uh, yeah!  And it's pretty cool.  If you are having trouble finding the right adjectives to describe your floral, or even, your overall wedding design concept, they have some great information.  Watch the video below to see which floral style you most closely relate to. 

Here are a few of my favorite flowers from past weddings...

It's Wedding Season - Where do I begin? - San Antonio Wedding Planner

January and February is typically a "down" season for wedding professionals in regards to the number of events we have on the books.  This is actually a good thing so we can devote our attention to the thousands of brides who just got engaged over the holidays and inundating us with emails, texts and phone calls for information.  

Maybe you're one of the ones who has dreamed of her wedding since you were a little girl.  Maybe you're one who doesn't have a clue and not even sure if you want a big ta-doo.  Either way, questions you may be asking yourself are...What do I do now?  Where do I begin? Who do I contact first?

Well, as a wedding planner I'm sure it's pretty obvious I'm going to tell you that you first and foremost - need a planner! lol  I know you saw that one coming.  tee-hee...but really, you do.  Not kidding.  And here's why...

1.  The first thing you are going to want to do is go to a bridal show.  These are great!  I love bridal shows.  They are packed with great vendors, and hundreds of brides.  You will feel overwhelmed and although you may meet and made some connections, you will most likely leave still asking the questions...What do I do now?  Where do I begin?  Who do I contact first? 

2.  The second thing you are going to want to do is email EVERYONE.  Because you don't really know how this planning thing really works.  And you have no idea how much it costs.  And well, you need to know these things.  : )  And you do.  But emailing everyone will still prove to be pretty fruitless and you will still be asking the questions...What do I do now?  Where do I begin?  Who do I contact first?

Are you seeing a pattern here?  At this point is usually when my phone starts ringing and my email starts blowing up.  And I LOVE this!  It means you need help, and YES!  I can help you.  I'd love to help you.  

I get lots of inquiries with one basic question in mind.  "What are your packages and how much do they cost?"  And I understand this question.  Because you do not know what wedding planning really entails, you're not exactly sure what to ask, and you also don't even know if you can afford it.  I get it.  But hiring a wedding planner is such a personal purchase.  It's like buying a purse, or perfume or lingerie.  You don't want to just base your purchase on price.  You want to make sure that it's a good fit, smells good and is comfy, but looks pretty.  (get it...purse, perfume, lingerie...)  And most of all, you want to make sure you're getting the best value.  

So, when you're contacting vendors, definitely ask about pricing.  It will at least open the door of communication, but think of it more like an interview and throw some other good ones out there.  Just last week, a potential client finished her list of questions for me with..."If you were a bride, would you hire yourself."  I had never been asked that before and it kinda threw me for a loop.  The planner in me started thinking of it from every angle..knowing what I know now? Or, if I was a bride who is a planner, hiring a planner?  This is how my mind works.  Looking at a task from every perspective and every angle to ensure I am clearly understood and understanding the big picture.  So, YES!  Yes, I would hire myself solely on that fact that I would leave no stone unturned.  lol   

So, hiring a wedding planner can help give you guidance, referrals, resources and get you going in the right direction so you are not asking...Where do I begin?  

Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award 2016 goes to....

2015 was an amazing year of awards and recognitions.  : )  It wasn't too long ago when I started Haute Weddings and I could only imagine and aspire to be like some of the other "big name" wedding companies in San Antonio, and to be an award winning company like them. 

I have had my fair share of ups and downs, trial and errors, and copying other companies business methods, thinking that would catapult me and my company into their premier circle.  But I soon learned that I had to make my own path.  That someone else's blueprint is not going to work for me.  Now, don't get me wrong, I listen and learn from everyone else's mistakes and advice.  I'm not an idiot!  lol  But I did learn that I had to create my own path.

And with this I had to figure out what was Haute Weddings all about?  How am I any different from other coordinating companies?  What values did I want my company to stand for?  Only when I defined this did I feel I was on the right path for me. 

I am so thankful to work with fun-loving couples and good-hearted families.  I am sassy, witty, a tad sarcastic, but I also very methodical, organized, hard working and have a "getter done" attitude.  I will always not only have my clients best interests at heart, but also their friends and guests.  I will always be on the look out for the best vendors at the best value so my couples can have the best wedding.  I base Haute Weddings mission statement on the word SERVICE.  I love being of service to everyone at my events and to my vendors.  And to service everyone with professional, integrity and honesty.  That my friend is what Haute Weddings is all about.  

Thank you to all my couples who have shown their appreciation for my work by writing such wonderful reviews.  It makes my heart happy and makes me smile a Chester Cheetos smile.  I am sincerely appreciative.  

Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award

Best of The Knot Weddings 2016 and Hall of Fame - San Antonio Wedding Planner

We are proud to announce that Haute Weddings has been selected as a 2016 winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests on The Knot. AND, we are also proud to announce that since winning The Best of Weddings for 4 years, we have also been given the Hall of Fame recognition.  Thank you to all my awesome Hautties that appreciate what we do for them.  I am so appreciate for your wonderful reviews on !