Importance of Wedding Insurance

The Importance of Purchasing Wedding Insurance

Make sure you are covered!

Planning your wedding should be an exciting time, and no one wants to think about what if something goes wrong. In the real world things do happen unexpectedly. Whether it is a natural storm disaster or stolen gifts, wedding insurance can protect you and keep your mind at ease.


You wouldn’t buy a car without car insurance or buy a house without insurance either. If you are spending a good amount of money towards an event with a lot of moving parts, you might want to look closer into purchasing wedding insurance. Wedding Insurance will be there to help cover you when something happens at of your control.

There are a couple different types of coverage you can purchase.

·         Cancellation and Postponement would be one. In some cases, the Bride might get extremely sick and need to push the wedding or a Military deployment might come about sooner than expected and the wedding will have to be postponed for a later date. The venue could suffer extreme damage where the wedding would have to be canceled.

·         Liability coverage would focus more on if there was an injury by the guest or attendees during the wedding. You want to make sure you have your friends and family covered just in case someone might fall and injure themselves. It will also cover any property damage to the venue that may be caused by a guest or a vendor.

·         Also there is Additional Coverage. This is a big one especially if you have heard the stories about some of the Bridal gown shops closing suddenly. This coverage will cover lost or stolen wedding attire for members of the wedding party or even in this case if a vendor ends up going out of business. If you had a vendor not show for the wedding and last minute had to hire a new vendor, this coverage will cover the cost of the new vendor.


After reading a little about the different coverage’s I am sure your mind is starting to think about purchasing wedding insurance but how much does it cost? You might think it will cost an arm and a leg to get your wedding covered but in reality it is actually affordable. It will vary depending on the amount of coverage that you will want. The pricing can range from $95-$1000.

There is never one wedding that is the exact same. There will be different situations with each. So make sure you fully understand what is all covered in your policy. You can start looking into wedding insurance as soon as 2 years prior to your wedding and as close to 24 hours before.

Save yourself some headache and heartbreak and look into wedding insurance.


Stationary Trends - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Stationary is the first peek at the wedding that your guests will see.  You can create a truly memorable experience by simply choosing a personalized or custom stationary suite.  You can be as formal or as casual as you need to be while still incorporating accents or themes that reflect your personalities.  Here are a few of our favorite stationary trends...


All That Glitters

Laser Cut

Ask Your Stationer about Chair Decor

Full Wedding Suites can include everything from the Save The Date, to Shower Invitations, Programs, Menus, Napkins, Information Signs as well as the actual Invitations, so definitely think about all the paper products and then some you might be needing. 


Haute Weddings on Kens5 at the St. Anthony - San Antonio wedding planner

Who could resist filming a wedding segment at the St. Anthony?  Not me!  I love coordinating weddings at the St. Anthony, so when they asked me to participate in their wedding segment for Great Day SA, it was a no-brainer.  

If you haven't been to the St. Anthony since the renovation, you need to put it on your list of To-Do's.  It is definitely a luxury hotel, but even though it is quite regal, there is still an intimacy about it.  You feel comfortable and welcomed home.

Click on the link above to watch the segment.


Floral Trend Forecast - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Did you know there is a Floral Trend Forecast each year provided by the International Floral Distributors?  Uh, yeah!  And it's pretty cool.  If you are having trouble finding the right adjectives to describe your floral, or even, your overall wedding design concept, they have some great information.  Watch the video below to see which floral style you most closely relate to. 

Here are a few of my favorite flowers from past weddings...

It's Wedding Season - Where do I begin? - San Antonio Wedding Planner

January and February is typically a "down" season for wedding professionals in regards to the number of events we have on the books.  This is actually a good thing so we can devote our attention to the thousands of brides who just got engaged over the holidays and inundating us with emails, texts and phone calls for information.  

Maybe you're one of the ones who has dreamed of her wedding since you were a little girl.  Maybe you're one who doesn't have a clue and not even sure if you want a big ta-doo.  Either way, questions you may be asking yourself are...What do I do now?  Where do I begin? Who do I contact first?

Well, as a wedding planner I'm sure it's pretty obvious I'm going to tell you that you first and foremost - need a planner! lol  I know you saw that one coming.  tee-hee...but really, you do.  Not kidding.  And here's why...

1.  The first thing you are going to want to do is go to a bridal show.  These are great!  I love bridal shows.  They are packed with great vendors, and hundreds of brides.  You will feel overwhelmed and although you may meet and made some connections, you will most likely leave still asking the questions...What do I do now?  Where do I begin?  Who do I contact first? 

2.  The second thing you are going to want to do is email EVERYONE.  Because you don't really know how this planning thing really works.  And you have no idea how much it costs.  And well, you need to know these things.  : )  And you do.  But emailing everyone will still prove to be pretty fruitless and you will still be asking the questions...What do I do now?  Where do I begin?  Who do I contact first?

Are you seeing a pattern here?  At this point is usually when my phone starts ringing and my email starts blowing up.  And I LOVE this!  It means you need help, and YES!  I can help you.  I'd love to help you.  

I get lots of inquiries with one basic question in mind.  "What are your packages and how much do they cost?"  And I understand this question.  Because you do not know what wedding planning really entails, you're not exactly sure what to ask, and you also don't even know if you can afford it.  I get it.  But hiring a wedding planner is such a personal purchase.  It's like buying a purse, or perfume or lingerie.  You don't want to just base your purchase on price.  You want to make sure that it's a good fit, smells good and is comfy, but looks pretty.  (get it...purse, perfume, lingerie...)  And most of all, you want to make sure you're getting the best value.  

So, when you're contacting vendors, definitely ask about pricing.  It will at least open the door of communication, but think of it more like an interview and throw some other good ones out there.  Just last week, a potential client finished her list of questions for me with..."If you were a bride, would you hire yourself."  I had never been asked that before and it kinda threw me for a loop.  The planner in me started thinking of it from every angle..knowing what I know now? Or, if I was a bride who is a planner, hiring a planner?  This is how my mind works.  Looking at a task from every perspective and every angle to ensure I am clearly understood and understanding the big picture.  So, YES!  Yes, I would hire myself solely on that fact that I would leave no stone unturned.  lol   

So, hiring a wedding planner can help give you guidance, referrals, resources and get you going in the right direction so you are not asking...Where do I begin?  

Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award 2016 goes to....

2015 was an amazing year of awards and recognitions.  : )  It wasn't too long ago when I started Haute Weddings and I could only imagine and aspire to be like some of the other "big name" wedding companies in San Antonio, and to be an award winning company like them. 

I have had my fair share of ups and downs, trial and errors, and copying other companies business methods, thinking that would catapult me and my company into their premier circle.  But I soon learned that I had to make my own path.  That someone else's blueprint is not going to work for me.  Now, don't get me wrong, I listen and learn from everyone else's mistakes and advice.  I'm not an idiot!  lol  But I did learn that I had to create my own path.

And with this I had to figure out what was Haute Weddings all about?  How am I any different from other coordinating companies?  What values did I want my company to stand for?  Only when I defined this did I feel I was on the right path for me. 

I am so thankful to work with fun-loving couples and good-hearted families.  I am sassy, witty, a tad sarcastic, but I also very methodical, organized, hard working and have a "getter done" attitude.  I will always not only have my clients best interests at heart, but also their friends and guests.  I will always be on the look out for the best vendors at the best value so my couples can have the best wedding.  I base Haute Weddings mission statement on the word SERVICE.  I love being of service to everyone at my events and to my vendors.  And to service everyone with professional, integrity and honesty.  That my friend is what Haute Weddings is all about.  

Thank you to all my couples who have shown their appreciation for my work by writing such wonderful reviews.  It makes my heart happy and makes me smile a Chester Cheetos smile.  I am sincerely appreciative.  

Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award

Best of The Knot Weddings 2016 and Hall of Fame - San Antonio Wedding Planner

We are proud to announce that Haute Weddings has been selected as a 2016 winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests on The Knot. AND, we are also proud to announce that since winning The Best of Weddings for 4 years, we have also been given the Hall of Fame recognition.  Thank you to all my awesome Hautties that appreciate what we do for them.  I am so appreciate for your wonderful reviews on !


Best Wedding Under $75K- My very first Antonian Award

October 28th – My husband’s birthday

October 28th – Julia Robert’s birthday

October 28th – Bill Gate’s birthday


Each year as my husband’s birthday rolls around, I am reminded that it is also Julia and Bill’s birthday.  He thinks that with their birthdays being on the same date that that somehow raises him up to their stratosphere.  Lol


So, being my husband’s birthday, October 28th was already pretty special to me.  However, this year it has become even more special and amazing.  On October 28th, I won an Antonian Award.  


First off, the city of San Antonio has never had it’s own city-wide event industry award recognition.  A fellow colleague and friend of the International Special Events Society one day mentioned we should have one.  And as her good friend, I said, “We should.”  Thus began 6 months of planning and pioneering in a project we really had no clue how to produce.  However, not only did we plan it and produce it, it was a huge success.  I give thanks to all the sponsors, vendors and volunteers who helped make it a night to remember.

Best Wedding Under $75K - Antonian Award

A smile as big as Texas!!!  

The Myth Of The "Day-Of" Coordinator

It is often said that a “day-of” coordinator is a must have on your wedding day so that everything runs smoothly. You want to save money or your budget doesn’t allow for a full-service coordinator, so you decide that the day-of coordinator is right for you. Well the truth is...the “day-of” coordinator may not be the best choice or value.  This brings me to the myths of the “day-of” coordinator.

Myth #1: The “Day-Of” Coordinator is enough.

Brides often seek a “day-of” coordinator to ensure all that they have put in place gets carried out accordingly. However, if there hasn't been any informative communication with the coordinator until the day of, the coordinator will not be prepared to oversee vendor responsibilities and troubleshoot problems that may arise. Therefore, the coordinator is not able to carry out the duties you expected.

Myth #2: Your wedding day will be perfect because you hired a “day-of” coordinator.

Often times the expectations you have of your “day-of” coordinator are outside of the scope of what they provide on wedding day.  You may want them to set up your DIY crafts and expect them to know all of the vendors and where everything is supposed to go.  However, if they weren't involved in much of the overall planning process, it may be impossible for a coordinator to jump in and take the reigns.

As coordinators are finding out through their own experiences how a Day Of coordinating service doesn't really benefit the client or their own business, many have chosen to "revamp" their day of and offer logistical meetings beforehand in which they can fully prepare and be aware of the bride's expectations.  

At Haute Weddings, we offer an Event Management service which includes forming a time line, floor plan, looking over contracts, contacting and confirming vendors, a final walk through, ceremony rehearsal and a full day of on-hands coordinating on wedding day.  You will also gain access to our Event Management System in which you can browse our Design Gallery or create your own, schedule appointment reminders, track payment due dates, and lots of other check lists to keep you on track.  Check out a quick summary of our services, here!

Also, check out this blog at Every Last Detail 


Pinks Abound in the Hill Country - San Antonio Wedding Planner

I knew I was in for something different when I met the bride and groom and both of their names were pronounced, Ryan.  Ryan the groom and Ryanne the blushing bride, whose wedding theme was bursting with romance and pretty pinks at Kendall Plantation.

View more from their amazing gallery, courtesy of Style Me Pretty and Mint Photography. Collaborating Vendors:  Royal Dukes Band, De Vininie's Paradise, Cakes and More, Elegant Limo and DPC Events

Courtney & Andrew's Wedding @ Bells Springs - Wedding Planner San Antonio

When the requested photos from a Hill Country wedding, Courtney and Andrew's was the first one that popped into my head.  These two adventurous souls incorporated the love of the outdoors from the groom, the chic and glamorous style of the bride, and their love of their college alma mater, A&M, and mastered it all beautifully within their wedding.  

View their wonderful story and amazing photos from Two Pair Photography here.

How To Choose The Perfect Vendor For You - San Antonio Wedding Consultant

Professional Wedding Planners usually know all the vendors within the wedding network.  We can steer you in the right direction of who will fit your personality, budget, and be a good fit.  However, if you are tackling this venture on your own, here are a few good tips to keep in mind. 

First - Check Them Out

*  Do your research:  Ask friends, family, and other vendors.  But also ask why they are recommending them.  Did they communicate effectively?  Show up on time?  Deliver what they promised?

*  Snoop around:  Check out their web-sites.  Is the web-site's photos and information up to date?  Articulate?  Easy to navigate?  Does it show a representation of their personality, style, and professionalism?

*  On-line reviews:  Do they have a good number of reviews in comparison to others within their field?  Are the reviews positive?  Do they have reviews dated throughout the course of their business?  Past, as well as present?

Second - Make a Phone Call or Schedule a Meeting

*  Set up the appointment:  When meeting with a prospective vendor, know your guest count, budget, and have a clear vision of what you are wanting for your wedding day.  

*  Discuss what is most important for you on your wedding day and what are non-negotiables.  Do they fully understand your requests, know what to do, but also flexible?  Do they offer alternatives for requests they are not able to say yes to? 

*  Are they able to show you samples of their work?

Third - Pick Someone Who Gets You

*  Pick someone who grasps your vision, and who shares your passion for your event.

* Trust your gut.  Don't get carried away with lofty promises and shiny presentations.

*  Choose someone you feel you can count on, communicates well and who will help you make your vision a reality. 

Choose the right vendors, and your wedding day will be full of smiles.  Photo credit:  Mark Thomas Pro Photo

Choose the right vendors, and your wedding day will be full of smiles.  Photo credit:  Mark Thomas Pro Photo

ISES San Antonio - 2015 Floral Trends- San Antonio Wedding Planner

Being a professional wedding planner, I think it is important to have your finger on the pulse of things happening within the event industry to help my business and to also help my clients.  I have found that being a member of the San Antonio Chapter of the International Special Events Society, has helped me do this.  I have been a member for a little over two years, and have reaped so many rewards from my memership.  I am currently on the Board, and serve as a Director of Programs for the chapter and its members.  It has been very fulfilling and as I plan events for my chapter I would like to share them with you.  

Thursday's event at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens presented as an event program and also the platform for a huge announcement.  We invited 4 top floral designers to speak in regards to the current and up and coming floral trends.  

Melissa White of Botanika, explained that simple, easy, elegant arrangements are currently what she is seeing, especially in monochromatic colors.  She actually put together an arrangement before our eyes of deep purple carnations and orchids and it was gorgeous!  


Tricia Hamil of Fresh Urban Flowers of San Antonio and Kerrville is seeing a ton of Hill Country weddings with lots of big, loose, "wild" in nature, cascading bouquets, lots of greenery and garlands, and raw silk embellishments.  She believes up and coming designs will make a drastic turn to smaller arrangements with lots of color, whether it be bold colors or the sherbert colors in her floral piece.


Bisli of Bisli Events is a floral designer that loves bold colors and international flair.  Being a trend setter, her floral piece was a unique bridal bouquet similar to a crystal clutch with shades of purples draping from each end.  The clutch can then be set upon a crystal pedestal show piece.  Bisli will be representing the United States at the World Flower Council International Summit in June in Columbia!


David Garcia of Statue of Design is a true artist in that he loves to work with different materials and mediums within his floral works of art.  Although he can definitely do your traditional and simple impeccably, it's also not strange to see legos, or dinosaurs, or apples in his floral pieces.(if that is your vision)  The current and expanding trend he is experiencing is not so much in the flowers themselves, but in the different vessels the flowers are being showcased in.  Having simple flowers in a unique stylish container or vase can make all the difference. The container can tell the story of the theme or inspiration just as well as the flowers.  


Another big reveal that we announced, is that ISES San Antonio, along with our presenting sponsor, the San Antonio Weddings, and with the support of other San Antonio event organizations, will be hosting our first city-wide Antonian Awards.  We have realized that San Antonio has too many skilled and talented event professionals to not acknowledge their accomplishments in a formal manner.  So, October 28th, the Antonian Awards, will be held at the Sunset Station!  #AntonianAwards    


More photos...

Venue Feature: Sunset Station - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Historic Sunset Station welcomes the opportunity to work with couples to ensure memories to last a lifetime. Their beautifully restored wedding reception venues, rehearsal dinner locations and excellent catering services provide a great opportunity to make your wedding magical.

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