Meet the Finalists! Mission Wedding, Kendall Plantation

The following five couples are the finalists for our Mission Wedding Project!  One of these lucky couples is going to receive a hosted wedding sponsored by the Kendall Plantation, Haute Weddings, and  For our complete list of participating vendors, please visit our web-site:   All these wedding industry leaders have offered their services in order to support our project and host the lucky military couple, a dream wedding, currently valued over $60,0000.  They believe in our project and support our military.  If you are in the midst of planning your wedding and are still in need of certain vendors, please do not hesitate to call them. The couples are listed in no particular order.  We are not asking you to vote, but we encourage you to leave positive comments of support.  The finalists will all be interviewed on Wednesday with the announcement of the winners soon after.  : )

LaMisa and Bryan:


An excerpt from the proposal:

" There was a table with dessert and a lantern lit. Bryan said that he was not completely honest about why we were there and then he went to one knee, recited an Egyptian story of 'vena amoris' and then popped the question. I began crying hysterically and between my crying I said YES!!!! "

An excerpt from their love story:

" Bryan and I like to say that our union is one for the century. Our relationship and union is/ was unconventional and destined. We met over three and a half years ago in San Antonio in June 2008 via the internet (yahoo) during a trial membership. We were both looking to meet a new friend in the area. Neither of us were expecting what we found, a soul mate for life.  Shortly after our first meeting, sparks began to fly. Within a month of dating, we decided that we wanted to be together (July 13, 2008) and have been ever since..."

Robyn and Mike:


Excerpt from the proposal:

" Robyn and I are huge country music fans and she loves Texan artists, one of her favorites is Kevin Fowler, this was an amazing coincidence because he is mine as well. I would make it a point to catch a concert whenever I was home on leave and even played his songs on Convoys in Iraq. I surprised Robyn on new year’s eve 2010, one year ago, with the help of Kevin Fowler himself by proposing to her on my knees in his tour bus before a concert. I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity, her saying yes and crying, then hugging him was one of the best moments of my life."

Excerpt from their love story:

" We just talked, and talked and almost three years later, we're still talking, like our first date. I have been all over the world and I would have never thought I would find the most amazing person in the place where I started. I mean this literally, we met @ Jason’s deli, the same place I worked before joining the military ten years prior."

Karla & Jarrett:

Excerpt from proposal:

"This is my second meeting with J’s parents. After dinner, we drove to his sister’s house. We were chatting, taking pictures and I thought that we would soon head back to his parent’s home for the night. J turned to me and asked if I liked his family and I said yes, of course. He then asked if I would like to join them as part of the family and he knelt down and started to propose. I don’t remember all of what was said, but I said yes!"

Excerpt from their love story:

"July is actually the month when we met and started dating. We lived in the same apartment complex, but dated after going to a mutual friends’ barbecue that was his neighbor. Family is very important to us."

Carmen & Shawn:


Excerpt from proposal:

"Carmen was in the kitchen and I spun her around and hugged her. I told her that I was waiting for a different moment to do this but felt very much compelled to do it now. I told her that I loved her with all my heart and soul and wanted to spend the rest of my days with her. I got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. She totally said YES!!!!"

Excerpt from their love story:

"I first met Carmen Rocha in middle school. We were thirteen years old and she was my first girlfriend and first true love. We did everything together and spent every moment we could with each other. Carmen and I were together from 7th to 10th grade. We broke up because I’m an Air Force Brat and my dad was stationed somewhere else."

"Things like this don’t just happen, they are planned. They are not planned by us but by God. So like the rings we’ll wear when we’re married, which symbolize forever, Carmen and I will spend our lives together. We’re a true love story, which will never end."

Kendra & Anthony:


Excerpt from the proposal:

"After calling my dad to ask for his permission, he walked into the kitchen with roses and then got down on one knee!!! It was perfect timing! Couldn't have been better!"

Excerpt from their love story: