Mobile bar service taken to a whole new level - san antonio weddings - haute cocktails

What turns an ordinary event into a celebration?  Friends, Family, Good Food, Good Drinks and Fun!   I had the privilege of sitting down with Megan Morales of Haute Cocktails, and asking her a few questions about how her mobile bar service adds to this mix., 210-412-6381

HW: What is Haute Cocktail’s signature drink? Can you reveal the recipe?

MM: Our signature drink is our “Haute ‘N’ Hard Lemonade.”  It’s a refreshing hand-squeezed citrus drink, and it really hits the spot. It's tangy without being sour and sweet without it being syrupy.  It's perfect and everyone LOVES it!  The drink is homemade lemonade infused with vodka. We infuse the vodka with fresh fruits like watermelon, blueberry, or strawberry and then add it to the homemade lemonade.  It's a simple recipe, but you taste the difference in the freshness.  I made this because I’m not a big fan of margaritas, mainly because Tequila and I don’t always see eye to eye JJ : ), but I still wanted something fun and fruity.

HW: Did you have any prior bartending experience prior to owning Haute Cocktails? 

MM: I tended bar with various companies before I decided that this is what I was passionate about. I have always been creative in the culinary sense, and I’ve always believed that you couldn’t have a great meal without a great drink to go with it.  I love incorporating the unexpected.  So, I'm game to experimenting with South Texas flavors like jalapeños, mangos, and cucumbers, if any clients are up for it.

HW: Tell me, how did Haute Cocktails get started?

MM: In case everybody doesn’t know my mother Lisa, who owns Haute Weddings, started out in the wedding business making the most beautiful wedding cakes. Well I worked for her in the bakery and dreamed of someday being called “The Cake Lady” like my mom. Well it turns out, I can make you the most scrum-dili-umptious cake, but I can’t decorate worth a darn.  With my mom being in the wedding industry, I guess it rubbed off on me and I love the feeling of working with couples and helping to make their day super special. I started tending bar for catering companies, and at my friend’s bar on the weekends.  It really didn’t take too long after that to realize that this is what I wanted to do.

HW: What is Haute Cocktails price ranges? Do you have packages?

MM: We offer customized packages to fit every client’s needs and most importantly, their budget. We bring enough mixes and set ups for the masses to ensure we have everything available for everybody, all night long.  If someone wants 20 sodas, we have it, and it doesn’t change the overall cost because we’ve learned to not try and figure out how much people will or wont drink. We don’t estimate how many “beer drinkers,” or “hard liquor drinkers,” a wedding will have because you never really know.  You might think someone is only a beer drinker but then when a hosted bar is provided and hard liquor is provided, they always drink that first.

HW: What is your best memory/experience with Haute Cocktails?

MM: My favorite memory was the wedding with Maggie & Jose at Kendall Plantation. The brother made a special video of the grandparents giving advice to the newly weds on how to keep their marriage strong and happy. We played it on our video bar for them after the toasts were done, and it was such an emotional, intimate moment. We were very glad to be able to be apart of that.


HW: What drinks are most popular with guests?

MM: To pick the drinks that are most popular with guests is a hard one. It really does depend on the crowd, but I would have to go with our signature lemonade. When that is offered as a choice it’s the first one that goes.  Even before the hard liquor!. I think the guests really enjoy it because it’s something new and fresh, not something they can get just anywhere.


HW: Does Haute Cocktails have any words of advice for future brides?

MM: As far as advice goes for picking a bar service?  I would say, to shop around for a good value, not just the lowest price.  Sometimes cutting corners in order to save a few bucks can really turn your big day, into a big mess.  On average you need one bartender for every 100 guests, sometimes two for every 100 if you plan on having a full bar.  Also, choosing the famous “Beer, Wine, and Margarita” package could end up costing you more in the long run. Wine is expensive and you don’t get as many servings per bottle as you would from a hard liquor bottle.  You do however; get the most bang for your buck when you choose a keg over bottled beer.  Our video bar can house two kegs on tap.

HW: You are quite young to own a business, much less a bar service. What challenges have you faced in regards to your age and how do you overcome them? 

MM:  I guess others would see me as young, but I feel like I am just coming of age.   The thing is, I have always been an entrepreneur.   I grew up with two parents who have both always owned businesses.  So I understand the importance of pleasing my clients, and providing great customer service.  I also learned that “quality not quantity” is the most important aspect to running any kind of business. I am such a perfectionist with my setups and drinks, that I will not serve anything that I don’t think is up to par with my standards nor will I hire anyone who doesn’t meet my expectations.  Now as far as being young and owning a bar service, I see it as an advantage.  I’m newly of age so I’m open to trying all different kinds of drinks and places, so I have a younger outlook on bringing my clients the hottest, freshest, most up-to-date styles in the bar world.

HW:  So, with all the mobile bar services out there, what makes Haute Cocktails different?

MM:  I believe my company is different in that I deliver quality products, a broader range of choices, professional service, and an overall great experience for my clients and their guests.  I understand that the bar is not the focal point of the event, but while their at the bar, I want them to enjoy it.  Megan Morales,, 210-412-6381