Starlight Fireworks and FX - Who knew pyrotechnics and weddings would go hand in hand?

Haute Weddings has had the pleasure of working with Starlight Fireworks and FX lately, and let’s just say (and you know what I will say) it has been a BLAST! We’ve had indoor artificial snow, water soluable confetti shots, amazing firework productions and departure effects. But, Starlight Fireworks and FX can do so much more to give that WOW factor to your event. To shed some light on this, we asked Tina Warwick (owner and producer of Starlight Fireworks and FX) some questions about her business and this growing trend:

Tell us a little about Starlight Fireworks and FX (aka Starlight Fireworks & Special Effects). Our company specializes in close-proximity fireworks displays/pyrotechnics, both outdoor and indoor. Additionally, we produce departure effects, pyrotechnic ice fountains (for cakes & floral arrangements), pyrotechnic logos, water pyrotechnics, fire-writing, flame effects and sparklers. As the majority owner (Tina Warwick), never in a million years would I have thought I would be doing this type of work. I feel there is so much satisfaction and reward that comes from knowing our company is truly making a difference and providing for happy and even tearful (joy) moments each time we render our services.

Most people don't realize you feature more than just fireworks. What other forms indoor/outdoor effects do you offer? Starlight Fireworks & Special Effects offers artificial falling snow, bubbles, confetti/streamer cannons, water soluble confetti shots, smoke/ fog/haze, and low-flying fog. We also produce black light, snow and foam parties.

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If a bride is wanting to have a fireworks show for her event, what is a good estimated amount she should figure within her bridal budget? Usually, a good range is $2,500-$4,000, with a minimum amount for pyrotechnics being approximately $1,800. Most professional companies charge an average of a $1,000 a minute for traditional fireworks. Sometimes, depending upon location, our company might have a little wiggle room to work within a budget that can't meet the minimum amount. I would say it doesn't hurt to ask and really encourage that communication. We will work hard to see how we can customize some effects for that special day or event that will fit into your budget.

A fireworks show is more than just igniting a fuse and standing back, can you tell us what is entailed in planning/organizing a fireworks production? The number one priority of our planning is providing for the safety of people and property. This involves doing a site visit to become familiar with the area and assess any possible safety concerns and to find out the best production location at the venue. Lots of administrative work, research and phone calls associated with the permit applications (creation of site maps, sending copies of licenses of pyrotechnicians to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction - "AHJ," ascertaining Certificates of Insurance, producing product and production descriptions, ongoing notification correspondence and communications to the AHJ, inspection meetings, meetings with city councils, commissioner courts, judges or municipal boards). In addition to the administrative tasks, our company has to make sure that we have the right type of devices for the specific location, wiring devices on-site, fabrication of racks for production installation and programming firing systems. Most importantly, being knowledgeable of what types of fire suppression equipment is necessary for the different types of pyrotechnics, governing laws, permit requirements and then becoming familiar with the laws and fire codes of each municipality. The great thing is that we take care of all of that and you, as the client or event planner, don't have to worry about it.

Lastly, what are the latest trends in pyrotechnics? Our most requested effects which seem to be the trend for our company: fireworks display, departure effects and then indoor pyrotechnics, and believe it or not, low-flying fog seems to be an effect regularly requested, with and without pyrotechnics. Also, computer firing technology has become more of a readily available trend in the fireworks/pyrotechnic industry. This computerized element and the innovation of wireless firing systems provides for a higher level of safety and for the synchronization of music for displays, which then becomes even more of an art form. However, this technology still involves more involvement of time, which means more costs to the client and is most often reserved for those productions with a larger budget.

With such a detailed production, you want to make sure the right company is taking the right safety measures. Contact Starlight Fireworks and FX, Tina Warwick,, 512.801.5492 today!

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