Introducing our team of Haute Coordinators!

Haute Weddings couldn’t be possible without a team effort. From the early stages of the planning process until the day of the event, the Haute Weddings team is working diligently to make sure everything falls into place. Shimeyka Olivares

Hauttie Shimeyka Olivares, not only has wedding planning and coordinating experience, but she also has tradeshow and corporate planning expertise. She is our attention to detail coordinator, always making sure that even the little things are just right.

Melissa Rios

Hauttie Melissa Rios always took on the responsibility of party planning for her family. It was then she realized wedding coordinating was an inner passion. She is quick on her toes, and is a swift problem solver.  She is also our official Spanish Interpreter.

Monica Rangel

Hauttie Monica Rangel has been in the design industry for over 20 years. Her focus is working behind the scenes from beginning to end. She strives to keep everyone in balance, from the vendors to the bridal party and their guests.

Chris Rodriguez

Our newest hautties are Christopher Rodriguez and Lori Carter. Both have strong disciplined backgrounds, which are a true asset to our team. Chris works closely with clients and uses his prep school and military background to thoroughly research all things technical. And as the only male coordinator, he is also literally the strength of our team. Lori’s civil engineering background provides organization, innovation, and efficiency for executing a well-planned event.

Lori Carter

The Haute Weddings Team members come from a variety of backgrounds - experiences with fashion, floral, cake, creativity and design.  However, there is one item that they all have in common.  Each one's goal is to give each couple, their family and guests the best, most memorable, day possible.

Simple, or over the Top, Make It HAUTE!