Why Planners Cringe When They Hear The "F" Words

We meet, you book, we're in wedding planning heaven, and then you say something that completely makes my head spin…"My Friend is going to be doing the …………"  

When it comes to planning a wedding there are some key components to keep in mind. Here's a run down of some things you might want to consider, especially when it comes to hiring FRIENDS AND FAMILY for wedding services.

A wedding professional is, and always will be, the best and safest choice for your wedding. 

o   Weddings are emotional and stressful and wedding professionals have the experience to deal with all the complexities of the wedding day.  Wedding professionals have relationships with each other and are used to working as a team to benefit the event as a whole.  They are used to thinking on their toes, dealing with last minute mis-haps, and can do it all as cool as a cucumber.

o   You cannot compare the professional’s service to those of a friend/novice.  Professionals provide their service as a career.  It is their way of life and their livelihood.  They have worked numerous weddings under a variety of circumstances and they are not "practicing" on your wedding to better their portfolio.  You're not just paying for their experience, you're benefiting from their experience. 

Have you thought….it might also be bad for the friend?  

o   They might feel obligated to say yes, and feel really bad if they say, no.  But in actuality, they might just want to be a guest and enjoy your wedding, instead of work it.  It is often confusing as to if they are a guest or a vendor? 

o   They might feel too much pressure to deliver to your expectations.  I have known of a couple of instances in which the couple hired a friend to do the wedding photography, only to be disappointed in the outcome, and hence ended their friendship.  

o   You’ll be getting a “deal,” but is it really a deal if you might not actually get what you should have been paying for?  Sometimes when it involves a substantial discount, or no payment at all, the expectations are lowered.

Here are a few instances in which hiring a professional will make a difference:

Wedding Planner:  A professional wedding planner knows how to work with all the vendors involved to ensure the event will run smoothly.  She knows how to negotiate, compromise, and problem solve at a moments notice.

Photographer:  Seasoned photographers have a trained eye to capture the moments that will last a lifetime.  They know how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, and know the technical aspects to pull off a good shot.  Lighting is a photographer’s best friend, and a professional one knows how to manipulate it. 

DJ:  The DJ has the microphone, therefore, has all the power.  You will want an experienced DJ that can move the party along the time line, and read the crowd, quickly altering the music to fit the moment.  They need to know what is NOT on your playlist, as well as what music to play.  A professional DJ understands the fragility of a wedding, and is able to MC the event in a tasteful manner. 

Florist:  A professional florist has connections to top quality flowers.  They will know when to purchase them, how to store them, how to prepare them, and how to get the most bang for your buck.  It isn’t a value, if you are paying for flowers that are low quality and won’t last through the event.  They will be able to make suggestions on what key aspects of décor to focus on, and which flowers will make the most impact.

Similar cases could be said in regards to the cake maker, caterer, etc…But think about the big picture and which services mean the most to you.  These are the services where a professional should be sought out.

Don't let this be you…..