How Much Do Weddings Cost?

How Much Do Weddings Cost?

I often get asked, “How much do weddings usually cost?”  My answer is… (which I think is rather funny, but usually doesn’t go over too well)…”Weddings cost how ever much you want to spend on them.” 

BUT, it is absolutely true.

Each couple’s wedding budget should be tailor made for them, based on what they are wanting for their wedding, where their priorities fall, and the investment they are wanting to make to fulfill their wedding dreams for the day. 

So, instead of just throwing out a random number that will make you feel good, but will most likely not have any bearing on your event, I like to ask specific questions about what couples are expecting for their wedding day and how they are wanting the day to unfold.


Here are some items to ponder when putting a budget together and how/where to spend the funds.

1.     When asked, a lot of couples reply that they don’t know what their budget is.  They have no idea how much wedding services cost and therefore do not know what to budget for them.  My strategy is to ask couples, “HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO SPEND ON YOUR WEDDING?”  That changes everything!  You definitely do not want to plan a wedding that is more than you are willing or wanting to pay for. 

2.     What aspects of your wedding are most important to you?  Is it the food?  Music? Décor?Photography?  The answer will be different for each couple.  Pick 2-3 that are your top priorities.  The items that no matter what, you really want, and you won’t mind taking away from other services in order to get.

3.     Lastly, but which should actually be first of all, hire a wedding planner.  Professional wedding planners have established essential and trustworthy relationships with vendors.  We are more apt to get a better deal for your money than you can.  The simple reason being that we refer them dozens of clients a year, whereas, you may only refer then 1 or 2. 

Finding the magic number for your wedding budget is critical to the planning process and Haute Weddings can help make this part of the planning as painless as possible.  Give us a call at 210-215-5820 or email us at for more information on coordinating services!