Importance of Wedding Insurance

Make sure you are covered!

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, and you shouldn't have to think about something going wrong. In the real world things happen unexpectedly, whether it is a natural storm disaster or stolen gifts. Wedding insurance can protect you and keep your mind at ease.


Would you buy a car without car insurance or house without house insurance?  When spending a good amount of money towards an event with a lot of moving parts, you want to consider purchasing wedding insurance. Wedding insurance is there by your side when something happens that is out of your control.

Here are many options of coverage:

·         Cancellation and Postponement- For instance, the bride may become ill and need to postpone the wedding. A military deployment is another obstacle that may come sooner than expected having to postpone for a later date. Lastly, consider a venue catastrophe.  

·         Liability coverage focuses on any injury at your wedding including your guests and vendors. You want the best for your friends and family and having liability coverage can give you a peace of mind. It will also cover any property damage to the venue that may be caused by a guest or a vendor.

·         Additional Coverage- This one is important, the recent closing of some bridal gown shops have set brides back tremendously and caused a sudden panic. This coverage will cover lost or stolen wedding attire for the bride or any members of the wedding party. Another instance occurs when a vendor fails to show up for the wedding and you must hire a new vendor last minute. This coverage will cover the cost of the new vendor.


After reading a little bit about the types of coverage available, the cost is more affordable than you may imagine. It will vary depending on the amount of coverage that you want, ranging from $95-$1000. This relatively small fee will save you both time and money.

No wedding is exactly same. When purchasing your wedding insurance make sure you aware of the extent your policy is covering. It is never too early, or too late to purchase your wedding insurance. 

Save yourself some headache and heartbreak, consider purchasing wedding insurance for your special day.