Wedding Traditions: The DRESS

Have you ever wondered where the origin of the bride's wedding dress came about? 

Photo By  Mint Photography

The tradition of the bride wearing a white dress for her wedding has actually been around for centuries dating back to the Victorian Era.  It all started in 1840 when Queen Victoria of England wore a white lace gown on her wedding day. 



During the time Queen Victoria had her wedding the color white symbolized wealth not purity like most might think. The color of purity at that time was actually... blue. In fact, many brides back then wore blue wedding dresses because of that reason.


Photo by  Iliasis Muniz

Photo by Iliasis Muniz

Once women of elevated social status all over Europe and America began wearing white wedding dresses too, then the color white was thought to be the most fitting hue for a bride. And soon white was an emblem of the purity and innocence.

The style and trends have changed but the tradition of the bride wearing a white dress is still alive today!