Skip the Petals: 10 Alternatives for Flower Girl Petal Toss

The groomsmen and bridesmaid have walked down the aisle, everyone is waiting for you to walk to your future husband but first your guests are presented by an adorable flower girl. The flower girl leads the bride as a symbol of innocence fading while the brides role of a mother and wife are coming forward. The flower girls are known to sometimes steal the show. So why not change up the tradition and have the flower girl carry something different other than flower petals.

1.     What if they were to hold a matching mini bouquet of the brides?


2.     A single stem…


3.    Sprinkle a little lavender.


4.     The flower girl could always carry a sign for everyone to read.


5.     Instead of a single steam, have your flower girl pass out the stems to your guest as she is walking.


6.     She might just be going along for the ride.


7.     A ribbon wand sure could make it more fun for the flower girl.


8.     Who said dogs aren’t allowed?


9.     For those winter months, a wreath would be beautiful.


10.   Beautiful Pomander balls