Best Wedding Under $75K- My very first Antonian Award

October 28th – My husband’s birthday

October 28th – Julia Robert’s birthday

October 28th – Bill Gate’s birthday


Each year as my husband’s birthday rolls around, I am reminded that it is also Julia and Bill’s birthday.  He thinks that with their birthdays being on the same date that that somehow raises him up to their stratosphere.  Lol


So, being my husband’s birthday, October 28th was already pretty special to me.  However, this year it has become even more special and amazing.  On October 28th, I won an Antonian Award.  


First off, the city of San Antonio has never had it’s own city-wide event industry award recognition.  A fellow colleague and friend of the International Special Events Society one day mentioned we should have one.  And as her good friend, I said, “We should.”  Thus began 6 months of planning and pioneering in a project we really had no clue how to produce.  However, not only did we plan it and produce it, it was a huge success.  I give thanks to all the sponsors, vendors and volunteers who helped make it a night to remember.

Best Wedding Under $75K - Antonian Award

A smile as big as Texas!!!