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Take a moment with us to look back at all of the amazing weddings we had this year! It was a great year for our team and 2018 is looking to be just as great! Cheers to these wonderful couples and thank you for letting us be apart of such a special day!

Fall inspired party favors to Fall in Love with

It is officially fall! Our last blog was "7 Amazing ideas for your Fall Wedding" and we couldn't stop there with the fall ideas. We are so excited to share some season inspired party favors your guests will be sure to fall in love with!

Pinecone Fire Starters

Looking for a favor that is easy and not very expensive? Why not having pinecone fire starters as your favor? This is easy to create and so fun and different for your guests.


Let love light the way

A personalized votive or simply a vanilla scented candle, candles are something your guests can use for those chilly nights. Add in some custom matchbooks with cute little sayings like “sparks flew” for an extra touch.

The endless possibilities of mason jars

Who doesn’t love mason jars? You can use them to drink your favorite beverage or for a country inspired vase. Fill personalized Mason jars with some of you and your husband-to-be’s favorite snacks then after enjoying the snack your guests can use the jar at their home as they see fit.

Send a cup of love with tea, coffee or even hot chocolate

Nothing screams fall like cozying up with a nice warm cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Packaging up some coffee or tea with shortbread cookies is a great party favor for your guests to use while sending you and yours warm thoughts.

Have S'more Love

  Who doesn't love a good roasted marshmallow over a camp fire on top of Hershey's chocolate and in between two graham crackers? A good way to stay on budget and bring your guests back to times as a kid make s'mores during the Fall season. 

7 Amazing Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

This post was provided by The Marquardt Ranch, a stunning wedding venue in Boerne, TX.


Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. And with this season comes some of the best wedding ideas. Take a look at some of our favorite fall wedding details!


Plaid Shirts

Nothing says fall like plaid. If your wedding will be on the cooler side, thank your bridesmaids with plaid flannels. They can slip the flannels on before and after the ceremony for some fun photos, and they’ll thank you for the extra layer of warmth. For a more casual fall wedding, pick out the perfect plaid shirts for the groomsmen to wear.


Source Credit



There’s just something about fresh pie on a crisp, autumn day. If you’re a pie lover, pick your favorite pie to serve as your wedding cake. Or have a small cake for you and your groom to cut, and have a variety of pies for your guests to enjoy.


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Bridal Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is the perfect detail for bridal shots, and the cozy wrap will keep you from freezing on the best day of your life. Choose a scarf that matches your color scheme, or just choose your favorite scarf!


 Source Credit


Pumpkin Spice

Why not bring everyone’s favorite fall drink to your reception? Set up a drink station with mugs and warm drinks…like pumpkin spice lattes! If you decide to keep it simple and stick with coffee, provide a pumpkin spice creamer for your guests to try.


Caramel Apples

The yummy treat that reminds every one of their childhood. Why not wrap them individually and use them as wedding favors? If you already have favors, set up a bar where guests can top their apple with whatever they want.



White pumpkins, mini pumpkins, orange pumpkins, huge pumpkins, and beyond! Use mini pumpkins as adorable placeholders, and use larger pumpkins as centerpieces. If your wedding is near Halloween, you could even use jack-o-lanterns instead.


Source Credit



Include fall-colored leaves in your wedding bouquet or even in your flower crown. Gather leaves and use them to decorate gift tables, drink stations, seating tables, and more.


If you love gold, this is for you. Spray paint leaves gold and write your guests’ names on them as place holders. Or arrange gold spray-painted leaves to create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony. Gold leaves are seriously magical.


5 Keys to a Fun Reception

DJ play that song!

Your DJ sets the tone for the night…literally. You want to make sure they are not only reliable, but they know you. They know your playlist and timeline, the go-to songs that everyone can dance to, and have it all downloaded and ready to go. All that is left to do is hit play and dance the night away!

Hey bartender.

Open bar or cash bar, either way make sure you have enough bartenders for the amount of expected guests because let’s face it, waiting in line when all you want to do is get back out on the dance floor is not fun! Talk to your bar vendor, they will let you know how many bartenders and bar areas you will need based on the amount of specialty drinks you will be providing and how many guests will be celebrating the night with you.

Life on the dance floor.

The dance floor is your stage.  Dance props, like glow sticks, are a fun addition to any party. If you have enough reception time and not too many activities planned during the reception, hired entertainment, like professional salsa dancers or acrobats, is a unique way to surprise your guests and add a little extra pizazz to the night.

Something for the kidos.

Although kids can be entertaining, let the mommies and daddies have a break to hit the dance floor by hiring certified babysitters or providing a kids room. Have games, movies, and coloring books in the room for kids to have their own fun.

Hire a professional wedding planner and just dance!

Let your loved ones and most importantly, YOU enjoy the day and hire a professional wedding planner. Let us take care of all the moving parts and keep your day on schedule. We will ask the important questions ahead of time so we know what is important to you day of and all you have to think about is if you want another slice of cake.

Wedding Traditions: The DRESS

Have you ever wondered where the origin of the bride's wedding dress came about? 

Photo By  Mint Photography

The tradition of the bride wearing a white dress for her wedding has actually been around for centuries dating back to the Victorian Era.  It all started in 1840 when Queen Victoria of England wore a white lace gown on her wedding day. 



During the time Queen Victoria had her wedding the color white symbolized wealth not purity like most might think. The color of purity at that time was actually... blue. In fact, many brides back then wore blue wedding dresses because of that reason.


Photo by  Iliasis Muniz

Photo by Iliasis Muniz

Once women of elevated social status all over Europe and America began wearing white wedding dresses too, then the color white was thought to be the most fitting hue for a bride. And soon white was an emblem of the purity and innocence.

The style and trends have changed but the tradition of the bride wearing a white dress is still alive today!

Wedding Color Trend! Neutrals & Metallics

As seasons may change so do wedding color trends. Let’s take a look at some beautiful color trends as we approach the fall wedding season!

Neutrals such as creams, beige, white or ivory will always be timeless. Having such neutral colors will be able to go with most any theme. Whether you want your wedding in a rustic barn, or a downtown hotel this color trend can go anywhere. Why not use those neutrals but mix it up with some metallics. Check out these inspirations.


Let's talk about the groom first and his tuxedo. These two are very good looking tuxes you can find online at The Black Tux



Then of course the beautiful bride!


Check out this inspiration of stationary.

Top it off with some decor. 




Stationary Trends - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Stationary is the first peek at the wedding that your guests will see.  You can create a truly memorable experience by simply choosing a personalized or custom stationary suite.  You can be as formal or as casual as you need to be while still incorporating accents or themes that reflect your personalities.  Here are a few of our favorite stationary trends...


All That Glitters

Laser Cut

Ask Your Stationer about Chair Decor

Full Wedding Suites can include everything from the Save The Date, to Shower Invitations, Programs, Menus, Napkins, Information Signs as well as the actual Invitations, so definitely think about all the paper products and then some you might be needing. 


Wedding Trend Alert: Sequins! - San Antonio Wedding Planner

In 2014 we saw sequins introduced into weddings through styling, bridal wear and even the cakes got some sequin love! As big fans of a little sparkle we’re thrilled that sequins are continuing to be a hot trend for 2015 and a range of sequin tablecloths will still be getting a feature in weddings. Take a tour through these sparkly wedding inspiration boards and see if any stand out from the crowd!

Photo Credit:  pumpkinevents.co.uk

Photo Credit: pumpkinevents.co.uk

Gold is timeless and a classic metallic color to add glamour to your wedding. As with all colors, there is a range of shades to gold. You could go for a soft matt gold like the bridesmaids dresses above which looks lovely teamed with soft colors.

Photo Credit: pumpkinevents.co.uk

Photo Credit: pumpkinevents.co.uk

Rose gold has been a massive color trend the past couple of years. It’s gorgeous teamed with hues of blush and pink for the most romantic Summer wedding.

Photo Credit:  pumpkinevents.co.uk

Photo Credit: pumpkinevents.co.uk

Navy Blue and metallics make a stunning Autumn color scheme. 

Ultimately sequins can be incorporated into your wedding in so many different ways. Either in just a few details, or in bigger proportions. One of our favourite ways to incorporate them into styling is using sequin table cloths for feature tables. They look fantastic on cake tables, and really make the cake a star attraction. Similarly, they add a luxe to sweet or dessert tables and can even look great on your top table.

Another way to incorporate this glittery trend into your wedding is with your bridesmaids dresses! One of 2015’s biggest wedding trends is metallic and sequined bridesmaid dresses. And it’s not hard to see why. Metallic colors offer the perfect color palette for every season. Plus, who doesn’t love a little sparkle? If glitz and glam sound like you, then this trend might just be the one you’ve been waiting for. 

Photo Credit:  deerpearlflowers.com

Photo Credit: deerpearlflowers.com

So we're throwing all this sparkle around...What do you think? Love it or leave it? Leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you! The coordinators at Haute Weddings are always on top of the latest and greatest wedding trends and can readily steer you in the right direction so don't delay and contact Haute Weddings today! 

Top Wedding Trends for 2015 - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Now that the new year has begun and the first of bridal shows are behind us, we are now in full swing wedding planning.  It has been so fun elaborating on my couples' ideas and visiting vendors with them.  I can never get my fill of cake and flowers!  We are already seeing lots of the 2015 trends taking shape.   We've done our homework and sourced several articles listing out the top wedding trends for 2015 so we've taken a snippet from their list and divulge them to you here. 

1. Beautiful Blooms: English roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and ranunculus continue to be go-to favorites among brides. They're dramatic, they're romantic and they're versatile, so they look perfect whether you're planning a traditional affair or something more relaxed. Plus they come in multiple colors for you to pick from so your petals match your wedding theme perfectly! 

Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015

2. Sips Served: Deciding on drinks to serve at your wedding can often be challenging. You want to have a variety of beverages for your guests to choose from, but you also want to be budget conscious and not break the bank. For 2015 we're seeing more and more wedding bars serving flights of craft beer; shots of different bourbons; wine samplings; sangria that goes from white to pink to deep red; or even a lemonade or fizzy soda bar, couples are letting guests sample an array of sips. These types of different drink stations are yet another way to let guests peek into your personal tastes, with the added bonus of helping you keep your bar budget in check.

Top Weddings Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015

3. Styled bands: When it comes to your wedding reception after the dances are done, dinner has been served and the cake has been cut, it's time to cut loose out on the dance floor! And the way that happens is with some awesome music for your guests to groove to. 2015 is reverting back to the decades that made their mark in music!!  Motown and blues are flooding the wedding music scene in full force. Most of these style bands dress in period garb, are hip, fun, and entertaining.  They pump up the jams to get the party going and keep the dance floor always full!!!

Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015

So there you have it! A glimpse into what's hot for weddings in 2015. Happy wedding planning!

Note: Portions of this post were sourced from an article in The Huffington Post. To view the full article, click here.

Even Wedding Cars Can Take Some Decor - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Typically the best man with help from the maid of honor, groomsmen and bridesmaids excuse themselves at some point during the reception to decorate the bride and groom's get-a-way car before the night has ended. This tradition started years ago and has evolved into some pretty spectacular designs these days. What was often decorated using cheap materials like streamers, shaving cream and tin cans has been replaced by real flower arrangements and large tulle ribbon. 

Decorating the couples wedding chariot is a symbolic and special way to surprise them and have them riding off in style and showing any passers by that that  passengers in the car are a couple that has just tied the knot!  

Here are some pretty amazing wedding car decorations we found to give you some inspiration and idea of how wedding parties are pimping out bride's and groom's rides.  

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

This BMW is sporting some white flowers intertwined together with a silver swirl design holding the flowers in place on top of the car.

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

This sleek black car has a sizable tulle ribbon tied to the hood of the car holding a beautiful heart shaped floral arrangement full of white roses.

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

This sporty white BMW has red rose petals and a rose filled floral arrangement atop the hood of the car making for a nice color contrast and making the decor really pop! 

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

This black Mercedes has some beautiful colored centerpieces running down along the windshield and hood of the vehicle. Love the color contrast! 

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

Now here's a cool concept. Intermixing flowers held on with twine and interspersed with white straw balls making for a cool look.

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

This Audi has some pretty pink ribbon tied to the top and the hood of the car with pink roses sprinkled around and a lovely white floral arrangement. Again, love the color contrast! 

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

How creative is this? Pink and peach roses designed into kissing swans and placed on the rear windshield.

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

This bride and groom got a picture taken with their decked out ride. Again more ribbon used to decorate their get-a-way vehicle. 

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/StylishEve

Now check out this car! Pink floral arrangements adorning the hood of the vehicle gathered together with pink ribbon and two gold hearts dangling across the car's grill. You won't miss this car cruising down the street to its destination. Awesome effort by the decorators!

So there you have it! Some pretty outstanding wedding car decorations for a bride and groom. A special momento they'll surely love and appreciate and the surprise element is also one of the most fun parts. So if you're up to pimp out a couple's ride do it in style...that's your moment to make a statement!  

This One's For the Boys! - San Antonio Wedding Planners

When it comes to a wedding, often there is a key essential person whose involvement may be little or may be lots, but we often forget, its not all about the bride…there's a groom taking part in the process too. So we decided to take some content straight from our trusty source, The Knot, and give this blog post up for the grooms and their men!

What we're talking about in this section are the top 5 groomsmen trends. Let's get started...

1. Bye-Bye Bow Tie
Today, being a stylish groomsman has a lot to do with what's worn underneath the jacket. We're seeing tuxedos with long (not bow) ties, and with vests instead of cummerbunds. "More and more grooms are ordering cravat [long] ties, non-pleated shirts, and three-button jackets, which is a more modern option," says Brian Regenstreich, manager of Zeller Tuxedos in New York.


2. Beyond the Tux

If you're having a casual affair, go ahead and ditch the tuxes. Instead, dress the guys in blazers, and match something in their outfits (a pocket square, a tie, a belt, their socks!) with the overall color scheme. For a great casual look, have your party wear khaki pants they already own, and ask them to all get the same navy blazer. Another way to coordinate? Order extra fabric from the bridesmaid dresses to make matching ties for the groomsmen -- this is a great way to tie the party together.

navy jackets.jpg

3. Don't Forget Gramps

Many grooms are paying respect to their elders by getting them matching tuxedos. "More and more grooms come in with their grandfathers," says Regenstreich. "If the grandfather is not officially in the party, at least he'll feel like he's part of the celebration with the tuxedo he wears." If you don't want him to look identical to the party, have the grandfathers wear the same style tux and shirts, but a slightly different shade of tie than the groomsmen. That way they'll still be noticed as special, but they'll be distinct from the party.


4. Wearable Gifts

If your groomsmen are white-collared business types, chances are they spend a lot of their workweek in a suit or blazer. Give them a unique, personalized gift that will add to their wedding day style and that they'll also be able to use again and again. Cufflinks with their initials are a great gift, or you can go for styles that suit the personality of the guy who'll wear them. For the banker, get dollar signs or 'buy' and 'sell' links; for the sports fan, a baseball and mitt. The men in your party will appreciate the thought, and they'll also be thankful that they don't have something identical to the other five groomsmen at your wedding.


5. Vary the Boutonnieres

It's nice to have the wedding party somewhat coordinated, but it's totally acceptable to have the best man's boutonniere be different than the other members of the party. Another idea? Make every single groomsman's boutonniere different, but match them with the bouquet of the bridesmaid he escorts down the aisle. Decide what each pairing will be by using different colors of the same flower, or all different flowers in the same color. If the men in your party object to donning flowers of any sort, or if you want a more masculine look, consider boutonnieres of wheat, herbs, or leaves.


To view the entire article on The Knot click here and we hope you enjoyed this enlightening post on mens trends! Stay tuned for the next blog post coming soon...