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When it comes to planning a wedding, choosing a wedding venue is one of the first items on your timeline. Choosing a wedding venue can be a rather daunting task if you don't prepare ahead of time, do your research and schedule a visit with enough time in advance. Remember, wedding venues book quickly; typically around a year in advance. So if you want to secure the space of your dreams, you'd better get to work on researching places that fit your personality, wedding style/theme, guest count, among other things. We're going to boil it down to some factors that play a role into selecting your wedding venue and some red flags that may prove the place is not for you.

1. Weather: One thing no bride or groom can control is what the weather will be like on their wedding day. When it comes to selecting a wedding venue you must take this into consideration. Will the space sustain any unpredictable weather conditions that may arise? Will everything go as planned if it rains? What if its during the Summer and heat plays a role? Or a Winter wedding where snow starts to fall? You want a venue that no matter what the weather does, it will not affect your wedding. If you find a place that would require bringing in some sort of tenting or fans that will add to your cost and affect your budget. Be conscious of where you pick, weather permitting. 

2. Envision the Space: Take a good hard look at how the space looks without any decor at all. How are the tables? Are they round? How many seats do they hold? What kind of chairs does the venue provide? Are they to your liking or would you have to rent chairs that you'd prefer? What about linens, lighting, the look of the structure itself? Will you have to do tons of decorating to pull off the theme of your wedding? If you begin the crunch the numbers and its starting to get a little pricey that might be a sign that that particular venue is not for you.

3. Dinner Prep and Serving: This is an area in the space you may overlook, but can be very critical when it comes to catering and cost, especially if you are bringing in your own caterers. If the venue has an onsite kitchen, great! That means the catering crew can set up shop there. If the venue does not have an onsite kitchen you're dealing with the caterers having to build their own kitchen in order to prep and serve all the food for the wedding. Another thing to take into consideration is how you want to serve the food. Do you want a seated dinner or buffet and what is there room for? This again can also add to cost, so if you're adamant about using a specific caterer, be sure to show them the space and make sure it works for them before settling on a venue.

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4. Let There Be Light: A venue with a good amount of natural light is important, especially on the big day! Why? Because natural light makes for beautiful photos and your wedding photographer will have more to work with. Plus if you're getting ready at the venue you'll need the natural light to make sure you're makeup, hair and overall look is just right!!!

Photo Credit:  West Vita Photography

Photo Credit: West Vita Photography

5. Noise Requirements May Not Be Music To Your Ears: Something you don't want to find out during the dancing portion of your wedding reception is that there is a noise requirement in place by the venue and what they allow. Is it DJ only? Can you bring in a five-piece band? Also be sure to ask when the music cut-off time is and what level of music can be played. If you're dumping a lot of money into the music portion of your budget and come across a venue with noise restrictions not in line with your desired soundtrack it might not be the place for you. 

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These are just a few warnings to heed when it comes to selecting a wedding venue and we showcase them in this blog post to be a helpful guide on your journey to finding the perfect place to get married. Be prepared and precise, do your research, do walk-throughs, ask questions and make sure you're 100% positive you've found the venue for you before putting down that deposit!