Small Touches to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome


Putting the guest list together is one of the first tasks to complete when planning a wedding.   You're gathering names and addresses of those near and far who are closest to your heart.  Once the task is complete, don't just let them be a name on a are a few ideas to make them feel welcome and at home once the big day has arrived. 

1. Provide a "Welcome-Bag" for out-of-town guests: Upon arrival to the hotel, I'm sure they would appreciate being greeted with a little something special, showing them how much you appreciate them coming to your wedding. You can get crafty and make up a cute bag filled with treats inside, like snacks, water, and even Advil (for the day after). Welcome bags are a great way to welcome your guests and say thanks for coming!

2. Personalized glasses for the reception: Have your guests personalize their beverage holder by giving them the opportunity to write their name on their glass. This will hopefully save your guests the hassle of trying to track down their glass each time they set it down somewhere. While its not something huge, its another small way you can go out of your way to make things easier for your guests.

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3. Vases for your bridesmaids bouquets: We love this idea! This not only eliminates your bridesmaids from having to tote their bouquets around all night, but gives you the opportunity to display your floral designs in all their beauty for all to see. By doing this, your bridesmaids' bouquets double as a decorating piece at your wedding and those flowers stay fresh!

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4. Dancing shoes: Let's get matter how great those shoes of yours are,  once the dancing begins, most guests are ready to kick off their shoes and get comfy! To accommodate your guest's aching feet, why not provide something as simple as flip flops for them to scoop up and slip on and dance the night away. This gesture gets rave reviews at wedding receptions!

Photo Credit:  DavidSixtPhotography

Photo Credit: DavidSixtPhotography

5. Finally, get your guests home safe:  Try and provide transportation to and from the hotel for your guests, so that you eliminate the dangers of drinking and driving. Or simply provide local transportation information on a list for guests as they prepare to exit to ensure they get a safe ride home. This will let you and your guests rest easy that they're being taken care of at the end of the night. 

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Taking the time to insert these small touches into planning your wedding can make a huge statement to your guests...that they're welcomed and appreciated for attending your big day!