Get Haute Before Tying The Knot - 24 Day Hauttie Challenge


Day 1

Lisa:  Embarking on this challenge I wonder if I will be up to it.  If I will be able to complete it.  If it is going to work.  If it will make a difference.  I realize that I weigh the heaviest I have ever weighed.  I just don't feel good about myself.  I'm ready for a change.  All the products are a little over-whelming, but the program chart is easy to follow and our Coach, Kara, has made a list of foods that I like that I know I can follow.  They are all foods that I typically eat anyways, just not as often as I should.  Shimeyka and Chris are joining me in this challenge and it has been fun keeping up with another, sharing what we are eating, etc...

Day 2

Lisa:  I got through day one and I wasn't even hungry.  I've signed on to to keep track of my calories.  Shimeyka says the fiber drink and the pills are a pain.  I don't think it's that bad.  We all agree that we love Spark!  I haven't even needed coffee or miss it.  One thing I notice is that I don't have that bloated feeling I always had before.

Day 5

Lisa:  Feeling really good and energetic.  Eating about 1200 calories a day, but not feeling hungry at all.  I purchased an additional supplement called Catalyst.  When you lose weight, you often also lose muscle, so this product is to help me keep muscle throughout the challenge.  My Hunbun said he can tell I'm getting thinner.  He hugged me today and he could put his arms further around me.  : )

Day 7

Lisa:  Working a wedding today.  Didn't plan for lunch but Shimeyka brought a protein bar, fruit, and almonds.  Saved my life, because by 2:00 I was definitely starving.  Vendors I worked with who haven't seen me recently commented that I look like I'm losing weight.  My clothes were actually loose and actually a little baggy.  I actually felt skinnier!  For dinner, the couple chose pecan crusted chicken, so I scraped off the breading and just ate the chicken and ate the vegetables.  No wedding cake for me tonight!  (but I didn't even crave it or miss it)  One thing that was a bit of a bother is that all this time, I wasn't really feeling any of the effects of the fiber cleanse.  Well, it finally kicked in!

Day 8

Lisa:  Really tired today from working 15 hours the day prior.  Lots of resting up.  Hunbun set up a stationary bike for me.  Hoping to start exercising this week.

Day 10

Lisa:  Can't believe I have made it through the Cleaning Phase of the Challenge.  I was told it would be gentle and un-eventful and it definitely was.  I feel really good.  I have lost 8 pounds so far and it is really starting to show.  My clothes that used to be fitted, are loose.  Even my shoes are fitting looser.  lol  It was strange how I didn't really feel any different until about day 7 or so and now I feel like the pounds are just melting off.  I'm so looking forward to the next phase!!  Supposedly, the Cleansing Phase is to prepare your body for all the nutrients you will be intaking the next 14 days.  Can't wait...

Day 12

Okay, so I 've started the MAX Phase.  IT IS A LOT OF PILLS.  My allergies have really flared up and so I haven't been feeling good because of that.  Actually went to the doctor late last night after having a ton of coughing fits throughout the day and got a steroid shot and antibiotics.

I think with all the medicine, phlegm, pills, stomach was upset and I felt nauseous most of the day.  It tapered off in the evening after I had a good meal.  I actually indulged a little taking my daughter out for a birthday dinner because I truly felt that I needed a few extra calories.  Even then, I indulged in a slice of bread.  No sweets!!  I have recently only been eating about 1000-1200 calories a day.

Day 13

Ah, feeling Much, Much better.  I weighted myself this morning and I am down 10 pounds in 12 days.   I can actually look in the mirror and notice a difference.  Just a little bit slimmer, but slimmer none the less.   I'm going to stagger out my medicine and Advocare pills so I don't get nauseous again.  I must say, that even after all of that, the weight loss has motivated me to keep with it.  I don't feel deprived, or hungry, or anything. and feel like I have finally found something that I can stick with.  Wedding day today....but no wedding cake for me.  : )

Later in the evening:  Feeling good.  Wasn't nauseous or anything today.  : )

Day 17

Missed a few days of blogging due to spring break.  The past couple of days I did indulge a little.  However, I'm back home today and back on track.  Although I cheated here and there, I didn't gain.  : )

I went shopping today and stocked up on all kinds of goodies.  Individually packaged hummus for snacking, mixed nuts, lots of veggies and fruits.  string cheese, frozen chicken breasts, and the like.  I stuck to the program and had tons of energy today and am so happy I got back on and in control.

One thing that has been tough is that Hunbun keeps coming to bed at night snacking on items such as red licorice, pretzels, Cheezits, etc...I swear he's doing it just to test my will-power!

Day 28

Sorry I have been MIA.  YES, I completed the 24 day challenge!  I loved it so much I am continuing with the MAX Phase of the challenge and have noticed the most drastic changes just within the last week.  Overall, I have lost 10 pounds and 6 inches.  I even lost weight in my calves!  And in my feet!  I have been wearing cloths and shoes that haven't fit me in years.

Yes, I know I must sound like one big walking infomercial, but I am 45 years old, (whammy), Puerto Rican, (whammy), and have tried a few didn't weight loss products with minimal success if any.  So, I am happy to share my progress.  It works for ME!

Okay, got a head out the door, but I will try and post more often.  : )