ISES San Antonio - 2015 Floral Trends- San Antonio Wedding Planner

Being a professional wedding planner, I think it is important to have your finger on the pulse of things happening within the event industry to help my business and to also help my clients.  I have found that being a member of the San Antonio Chapter of the International Special Events Society, has helped me do this.  I have been a member for a little over two years, and have reaped so many rewards from my memership.  I am currently on the Board, and serve as a Director of Programs for the chapter and its members.  It has been very fulfilling and as I plan events for my chapter I would like to share them with you.  

Thursday's event at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens presented as an event program and also the platform for a huge announcement.  We invited 4 top floral designers to speak in regards to the current and up and coming floral trends.  

Melissa White of Botanika, explained that simple, easy, elegant arrangements are currently what she is seeing, especially in monochromatic colors.  She actually put together an arrangement before our eyes of deep purple carnations and orchids and it was gorgeous!  


Tricia Hamil of Fresh Urban Flowers of San Antonio and Kerrville is seeing a ton of Hill Country weddings with lots of big, loose, "wild" in nature, cascading bouquets, lots of greenery and garlands, and raw silk embellishments.  She believes up and coming designs will make a drastic turn to smaller arrangements with lots of color, whether it be bold colors or the sherbert colors in her floral piece.


Bisli of Bisli Events is a floral designer that loves bold colors and international flair.  Being a trend setter, her floral piece was a unique bridal bouquet similar to a crystal clutch with shades of purples draping from each end.  The clutch can then be set upon a crystal pedestal show piece.  Bisli will be representing the United States at the World Flower Council International Summit in June in Columbia!


David Garcia of Statue of Design is a true artist in that he loves to work with different materials and mediums within his floral works of art.  Although he can definitely do your traditional and simple impeccably, it's also not strange to see legos, or dinosaurs, or apples in his floral pieces.(if that is your vision)  The current and expanding trend he is experiencing is not so much in the flowers themselves, but in the different vessels the flowers are being showcased in.  Having simple flowers in a unique stylish container or vase can make all the difference. The container can tell the story of the theme or inspiration just as well as the flowers.  


Another big reveal that we announced, is that ISES San Antonio, along with our presenting sponsor, the San Antonio Weddings, and with the support of other San Antonio event organizations, will be hosting our first city-wide Antonian Awards.  We have realized that San Antonio has too many skilled and talented event professionals to not acknowledge their accomplishments in a formal manner.  So, October 28th, the Antonian Awards, will be held at the Sunset Station!  #AntonianAwards    


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