Mary and Adam - 6th Street Studio

Mary and Adam met in high school and dated for five years before deciding to tie the knot.  Adam has such a tender heart that even when he showed up to ask Mary's baptist parents for her hand in marriage, with piercings in his ears and other places, they were overjoyed.  And so their journey begins.  They wanted to graduate college first, but just couldn't hold off. Two months before their graduation, they married at 6th Street Studio. They are both sweet as apple pie and have the All-American looks to go with it.  They are two peas in the same pod.  They both love music, are adventurous (the jumping out of airplanes kind), smoke cigars, and they even have birthmarks in the same spot.  Anyone who knows them, knows they are meant to be together - forever.

Mary and Adam are eccentric with eclectic taste.  They are old souls in a new age.  Their theme was modern-vintage and their colors were muted tones of silver, blue and green.  The space at 6th Street Studio is industrial, yet awesomely intimate.  High ceilings, lots of natural light, white washed walls lined with brick work and wooden beams.  The centerpieces were tall curly willows infused with canary yellow carnations that sat upon gunmetal gray pin-tuck linens.

The ceremony was a family affair with brother, Caleb, officiating and brother, Ben, playing guitar.  They wrote their own vows and Caleb was sure to incorporate their personalities as well.  Instead of "with this ring," it was, "with this tattoo," and instead of the traditional "I Do's," they simply stated, "I choose you."  It was the sweetest of moments.  To top it off, Ben played and sang the lovely ballad version of The Cure's, "Just Like Heaven."  It was a prelude for the rest of the evening.

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