Top Wedding Trends for 2015 - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Now that the new year has begun and the first of bridal shows are behind us, we are now in full swing wedding planning.  It has been so fun elaborating on my couples' ideas and visiting vendors with them.  I can never get my fill of cake and flowers!  We are already seeing lots of the 2015 trends taking shape.   We've done our homework and sourced several articles listing out the top wedding trends for 2015 so we've taken a snippet from their list and divulge them to you here. 

1. Beautiful Blooms: English roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and ranunculus continue to be go-to favorites among brides. They're dramatic, they're romantic and they're versatile, so they look perfect whether you're planning a traditional affair or something more relaxed. Plus they come in multiple colors for you to pick from so your petals match your wedding theme perfectly! 

Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015

2. Sips Served: Deciding on drinks to serve at your wedding can often be challenging. You want to have a variety of beverages for your guests to choose from, but you also want to be budget conscious and not break the bank. For 2015 we're seeing more and more wedding bars serving flights of craft beer; shots of different bourbons; wine samplings; sangria that goes from white to pink to deep red; or even a lemonade or fizzy soda bar, couples are letting guests sample an array of sips. These types of different drink stations are yet another way to let guests peek into your personal tastes, with the added bonus of helping you keep your bar budget in check.

Top Weddings Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015

3. Styled bands: When it comes to your wedding reception after the dances are done, dinner has been served and the cake has been cut, it's time to cut loose out on the dance floor! And the way that happens is with some awesome music for your guests to groove to. 2015 is reverting back to the decades that made their mark in music!!  Motown and blues are flooding the wedding music scene in full force. Most of these style bands dress in period garb, are hip, fun, and entertaining.  They pump up the jams to get the party going and keep the dance floor always full!!!

Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015
Top Wedding Trends for 2015

So there you have it! A glimpse into what's hot for weddings in 2015. Happy wedding planning!

Note: Portions of this post were sourced from an article in The Huffington Post. To view the full article, click here.

Things That Happen at Weddings & How a Wedding Planner Can Help

As a wedding planner, I could give you lots of reasons as to why to hire a wedding planner.  So, I'll just give you a few:

  • Groom's cake disaster
After sitting for a few hours, the cake just started falling apart....

After sitting for a few hours, the cake just started falling apart....

After cake surgery...

After cake surgery...

We also have done the following and saved the day...

  • fixed boutonnieres
  • made bouquets from extra flowers
  • fixed wedding cakes
  • pinned broken bustles
  • sewed broken bustles
  • stood in for MC for DJ
  • handed out band aids, scissors, hair clips, paper clips, safety pins, tape, kleenex, nail clippers, pens, crazy glue and more to wedding guests, wedding party, and vendors
  • put on brides shoes
  • hold up wedding dress so bride can go potty
  • act as security when needed (our least favorite)
  • supply cake knife and server when forgotten
  • supply votive candles when forgotten
  • supply reserved signs when forgotten
  • supply last minute DJ when DJ friend of bridesmaid didn't show up 
  • tie on old-fashioned bow ties (the ones WITHOUT the clips)
  • step in as bar back, step in as bartender, served wine and or champagne
  • act as banquet manager
  • make plates in back of kitchen
  • drain ice sculpture bucket
  • clean up/pick up rose petals off ground/dance floor/church aisle

The list can LITERALLY go on and if you are on the fence as to whether or not to hire a planner, maybe some of these just gave you the push you needed.  : )