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Another year has come and gone! 2014 is in the books and now we look ahead to 2015. Although we have much to look forward to in 2015, it's fun to take a look back on past weddings and in New Year's fashion we've compiled photos with fireworks or sparkler exits in honor of the holiday. These images are fond memories of the brides and grooms we've worked with and how we hope that same spark on their wedding day is still alive and burning today! 

Photo Credit:  Élan Imaging   Fireworks by  Starlight Fireworks and FX

Photo Credit: Élan Imaging

Fireworks by Starlight Fireworks and FX

Photo Credit:  Élan Imaging

Photo Credit: Élan Imaging

Photo Credit:  Élan Imaging    Fireworks by  Starlight Fireworks and FX

Photo Credit: Élan Imaging 

Fireworks by Starlight Fireworks and FX

To all our family, friends, brides and grooms Haute Weddings wishes you all a very prosperous and Happy New Year!!! Cheers! 

This One's For the Boys! - San Antonio Wedding Planners

When it comes to a wedding, often there is a key essential person whose involvement may be little or may be lots, but we often forget, its not all about the bride…there's a groom taking part in the process too. So we decided to take some content straight from our trusty source, The Knot, and give this blog post up for the grooms and their men!

What we're talking about in this section are the top 5 groomsmen trends. Let's get started...

1. Bye-Bye Bow Tie
Today, being a stylish groomsman has a lot to do with what's worn underneath the jacket. We're seeing tuxedos with long (not bow) ties, and with vests instead of cummerbunds. "More and more grooms are ordering cravat [long] ties, non-pleated shirts, and three-button jackets, which is a more modern option," says Brian Regenstreich, manager of Zeller Tuxedos in New York.


2. Beyond the Tux

If you're having a casual affair, go ahead and ditch the tuxes. Instead, dress the guys in blazers, and match something in their outfits (a pocket square, a tie, a belt, their socks!) with the overall color scheme. For a great casual look, have your party wear khaki pants they already own, and ask them to all get the same navy blazer. Another way to coordinate? Order extra fabric from the bridesmaid dresses to make matching ties for the groomsmen -- this is a great way to tie the party together.

navy jackets.jpg

3. Don't Forget Gramps

Many grooms are paying respect to their elders by getting them matching tuxedos. "More and more grooms come in with their grandfathers," says Regenstreich. "If the grandfather is not officially in the party, at least he'll feel like he's part of the celebration with the tuxedo he wears." If you don't want him to look identical to the party, have the grandfathers wear the same style tux and shirts, but a slightly different shade of tie than the groomsmen. That way they'll still be noticed as special, but they'll be distinct from the party.


4. Wearable Gifts

If your groomsmen are white-collared business types, chances are they spend a lot of their workweek in a suit or blazer. Give them a unique, personalized gift that will add to their wedding day style and that they'll also be able to use again and again. Cufflinks with their initials are a great gift, or you can go for styles that suit the personality of the guy who'll wear them. For the banker, get dollar signs or 'buy' and 'sell' links; for the sports fan, a baseball and mitt. The men in your party will appreciate the thought, and they'll also be thankful that they don't have something identical to the other five groomsmen at your wedding.


5. Vary the Boutonnieres

It's nice to have the wedding party somewhat coordinated, but it's totally acceptable to have the best man's boutonniere be different than the other members of the party. Another idea? Make every single groomsman's boutonniere different, but match them with the bouquet of the bridesmaid he escorts down the aisle. Decide what each pairing will be by using different colors of the same flower, or all different flowers in the same color. If the men in your party object to donning flowers of any sort, or if you want a more masculine look, consider boutonnieres of wheat, herbs, or leaves.


To view the entire article on The Knot click here and we hope you enjoyed this enlightening post on mens trends! Stay tuned for the next blog post coming soon...