How To Choose The Perfect Vendor For You - San Antonio Wedding Consultant

Professional Wedding Planners usually know all the vendors within the wedding network.  We can steer you in the right direction of who will fit your personality, budget, and be a good fit.  However, if you are tackling this venture on your own, here are a few good tips to keep in mind. 

First - Check Them Out

*  Do your research:  Ask friends, family, and other vendors.  But also ask why they are recommending them.  Did they communicate effectively?  Show up on time?  Deliver what they promised?

*  Snoop around:  Check out their web-sites.  Is the web-site's photos and information up to date?  Articulate?  Easy to navigate?  Does it show a representation of their personality, style, and professionalism?

*  On-line reviews:  Do they have a good number of reviews in comparison to others within their field?  Are the reviews positive?  Do they have reviews dated throughout the course of their business?  Past, as well as present?

Second - Make a Phone Call or Schedule a Meeting

*  Set up the appointment:  When meeting with a prospective vendor, know your guest count, budget, and have a clear vision of what you are wanting for your wedding day.  

*  Discuss what is most important for you on your wedding day and what are non-negotiables.  Do they fully understand your requests, know what to do, but also flexible?  Do they offer alternatives for requests they are not able to say yes to? 

*  Are they able to show you samples of their work?

Third - Pick Someone Who Gets You

*  Pick someone who grasps your vision, and who shares your passion for your event.

* Trust your gut.  Don't get carried away with lofty promises and shiny presentations.

*  Choose someone you feel you can count on, communicates well and who will help you make your vision a reality. 

Choose the right vendors, and your wedding day will be full of smiles.  Photo credit:   Mark Thomas Pro Photo

Choose the right vendors, and your wedding day will be full of smiles.  Photo credit:  Mark Thomas Pro Photo

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

THE STUDIO AT FISCHER is a rental venue in the Texas Hill Country. Professional photo shoots, video projects, corporate events, upscale wedding and receptions - THE STUDIO provides a beautiful multi-use indoor / outdoor environment for your event or retail needs. 

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country nestled between Blanco and Wimberley, The Studio at Fischer offers an exclusive setting. The 8,000 square foot urban loft studio has a sleek, modern design built on 8-plus acres amid the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Constructed with events and photography in mind, this state-of-the-art structure blends the innovative and stylish feel of the interior space with the serenity of the rolling hills. The Studio at Fischer provides a refreshing option for upscale weddings, rehearsal dinners, and unique events. Whether you live next door or you are seeking the perfect destination for your wedding or special occasion, this sophisticated site’s allure is waiting for you.

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer


Indoor and outdoor venues
Modern 8,000 square foot loft studio
150 max
Professionally equipped hair and makeup salon
“The Chapel of Trees” with lush grass, stone archway, and wildflower meadow
Magnificent flagstone patio and pool area with large manicured lawn
Built-in outdoor “Stage of Rock”
Creative lighting options

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

The Studio at Fischer is a great venue for any occasion. Make your special event matter.  View this video for more information and here

Haute Halloween Recap

'Twas the night of all hallows eve when all through the city, a glowing fixture on the San Antonio map was stirring with Halloween frenzy! Yes, it had finally arrived, the much anticipated Haute Halloween event put on by Haute Weddings and The Veranda (seen below). The Veranda

We had an absolute ball with this Halloween bunch and have many folks to thank including, The Veranda, Carmen and Jessica at Spice of Life Catering, Event Ignition, Jose Charo and San Antonio's Best

Now for the fun stuff, here are some pics taken by the talented Jose Charo from the event that are sure to be a spooky delight!

crab claws


halloween party

party time


dance party

group pic

For everyone who came out to party Halloween-style we hope you enjoyed yourself and will make it to the next Haute event because you know it's going to be a grand time! For more information about upcoming events and about Haute Weddings follow us on Facebook at:

How to find reputable wedding vendors

The wedding planning process can often be stressful.  One stress is the fear of choosing the wrong vendors.  Brides often lose sleep wondering if their vendors will arrive on time, deliver what was promised, and all in all, just do the right thing.  Choosing the wrong vendors could add up to costly consequences and unhappy memories.


So, where does a bride start, when seeking reliable wedding vendors? Which wedding vendors can be trusted? Which vendors will deliver a great service?

 The number one way to help ensure you receive class act wedding vendors is to hire a Wedding Planner.  Now, I'm not saying this simply because I am a planner.  : )  Even other vendors within the wedding industry will recommend this as well.  The reason being, planners work with a great number of wedding vendors in every category.  They themselves only want to work with reputable vendors, and so they seek them out.  They network, they ask around, they get nosy, they hear the "behind the scenes" chatter about everyone.  They KNOW who's been NAUGHTY, and they KNOW who's been nice!

What are some ways to seek these vendors out yourself? 

The internet should only a starting point.  Do not rely solely on a company's website or Facebook page as to the professionalism of their company.  Some businesses actually pay marketing companies to maintain their social media and websites.  However, DO look at reputable wedding web-sites such as and for actual reviews from real brides.

 -Ask the wedding vendor about their involvement within the San Antonio wedding community. Do they belong to any associations or do they possess the necessary permits and credentials to carry out their services as expected?

 -Ask your wedding venue whom they recommend. Most venues can provide a list for your convenience, and sometimes, for your protection, require you to work with specific vendors.

 -Ask other reputable vendors.  Just like planners, other wedding industry leaders like to work events with other industry leaders.  Once you have found the right caterer, dj, florist, etc...for you, ask them who they like to work with and why.

Most importantly, no matter whom you hire, ALWAYS get a contract or invoice for services promised. Make sure payment terms are specific and that your payments and deposits are noted.

Choosing the right wedding vendor takes time and research.  Do not rush into a contract to get a better deal or show special.  The right vendor will be able to work within your budget and be accommodating to your needs.  Best of Luck!!! Lisa


Thank you to all who have LIKED us and supported us!  It was a long time coming, but we finally reached 500 LIKES!  woo-hoo!!! As part of our appreciation of all your love, we wanted to give a little back at ya'.  We have partnered up with two awesome vendors, Delice Chocolatier and Patisserie, and Jose Charo Photography.  Here are the deets:

Chocolate - There are 50 gorgeous little favor boxes for 50 of our fans available for pick up at Delice Chocolate and Patisserie.  They are located at 946 N. Loop 1604 West, Suite 145 (by Hoolihans Restaurant).  They are open from 10:00am until 7:00pm.  Get there and get yours while supplies last.  Also, take a moment to breathe in everything chocolate while you are there.  The owner, Ignacio, is wonderfully nice and friendly, and he might even have other samples available.  Feel free to peruse, and browse, and purchase any additional goodies to tide you over through the weekend.  The chocolate dipped meringues are my absolute FAV.

They also have cute wedding favor chocolates boxed and tied for you to give to your guests.

1-piece box $2; 2-piece box $3.50; $4-piece box $6

383491_353958927983935_493674266_n   428959_464759853570508_561636439_n   546506_416729165040244_716991741_n

Photography - Jose Charo is a talented, independent photographer, that has been so generous to give away, not one, BUT FIVE, photo shoots.  You have to be currently engaged, with an upcoming wedding, but you are free to choose either an Engagement, Bridal, or Boudoir shoot.  Be the one of the first 5 to email me at  **restrictions may apply, based upon availability


So again, just wanted you to know that this is a big milestone for Haute Weddings and I am on top of the world.  Thank you so much FB peeps!!!  Have a Haute Day! - L

Get Haute Before Tying The Knot - 24 Day Hauttie Challenge


Day 1

Lisa:  Embarking on this challenge I wonder if I will be up to it.  If I will be able to complete it.  If it is going to work.  If it will make a difference.  I realize that I weigh the heaviest I have ever weighed.  I just don't feel good about myself.  I'm ready for a change.  All the products are a little over-whelming, but the program chart is easy to follow and our Coach, Kara, has made a list of foods that I like that I know I can follow.  They are all foods that I typically eat anyways, just not as often as I should.  Shimeyka and Chris are joining me in this challenge and it has been fun keeping up with another, sharing what we are eating, etc...

Day 2

Lisa:  I got through day one and I wasn't even hungry.  I've signed on to to keep track of my calories.  Shimeyka says the fiber drink and the pills are a pain.  I don't think it's that bad.  We all agree that we love Spark!  I haven't even needed coffee or miss it.  One thing I notice is that I don't have that bloated feeling I always had before.

Day 5

Lisa:  Feeling really good and energetic.  Eating about 1200 calories a day, but not feeling hungry at all.  I purchased an additional supplement called Catalyst.  When you lose weight, you often also lose muscle, so this product is to help me keep muscle throughout the challenge.  My Hunbun said he can tell I'm getting thinner.  He hugged me today and he could put his arms further around me.  : )

Day 7

Lisa:  Working a wedding today.  Didn't plan for lunch but Shimeyka brought a protein bar, fruit, and almonds.  Saved my life, because by 2:00 I was definitely starving.  Vendors I worked with who haven't seen me recently commented that I look like I'm losing weight.  My clothes were actually loose and actually a little baggy.  I actually felt skinnier!  For dinner, the couple chose pecan crusted chicken, so I scraped off the breading and just ate the chicken and ate the vegetables.  No wedding cake for me tonight!  (but I didn't even crave it or miss it)  One thing that was a bit of a bother is that all this time, I wasn't really feeling any of the effects of the fiber cleanse.  Well, it finally kicked in!

Day 8

Lisa:  Really tired today from working 15 hours the day prior.  Lots of resting up.  Hunbun set up a stationary bike for me.  Hoping to start exercising this week.

Day 10

Lisa:  Can't believe I have made it through the Cleaning Phase of the Challenge.  I was told it would be gentle and un-eventful and it definitely was.  I feel really good.  I have lost 8 pounds so far and it is really starting to show.  My clothes that used to be fitted, are loose.  Even my shoes are fitting looser.  lol  It was strange how I didn't really feel any different until about day 7 or so and now I feel like the pounds are just melting off.  I'm so looking forward to the next phase!!  Supposedly, the Cleansing Phase is to prepare your body for all the nutrients you will be intaking the next 14 days.  Can't wait...

Day 12

Okay, so I 've started the MAX Phase.  IT IS A LOT OF PILLS.  My allergies have really flared up and so I haven't been feeling good because of that.  Actually went to the doctor late last night after having a ton of coughing fits throughout the day and got a steroid shot and antibiotics.

I think with all the medicine, phlegm, pills, stomach was upset and I felt nauseous most of the day.  It tapered off in the evening after I had a good meal.  I actually indulged a little taking my daughter out for a birthday dinner because I truly felt that I needed a few extra calories.  Even then, I indulged in a slice of bread.  No sweets!!  I have recently only been eating about 1000-1200 calories a day.

Day 13

Ah, feeling Much, Much better.  I weighted myself this morning and I am down 10 pounds in 12 days.   I can actually look in the mirror and notice a difference.  Just a little bit slimmer, but slimmer none the less.   I'm going to stagger out my medicine and Advocare pills so I don't get nauseous again.  I must say, that even after all of that, the weight loss has motivated me to keep with it.  I don't feel deprived, or hungry, or anything. and feel like I have finally found something that I can stick with.  Wedding day today....but no wedding cake for me.  : )

Later in the evening:  Feeling good.  Wasn't nauseous or anything today.  : )

Day 17

Missed a few days of blogging due to spring break.  The past couple of days I did indulge a little.  However, I'm back home today and back on track.  Although I cheated here and there, I didn't gain.  : )

I went shopping today and stocked up on all kinds of goodies.  Individually packaged hummus for snacking, mixed nuts, lots of veggies and fruits.  string cheese, frozen chicken breasts, and the like.  I stuck to the program and had tons of energy today and am so happy I got back on and in control.

One thing that has been tough is that Hunbun keeps coming to bed at night snacking on items such as red licorice, pretzels, Cheezits, etc...I swear he's doing it just to test my will-power!

Day 28

Sorry I have been MIA.  YES, I completed the 24 day challenge!  I loved it so much I am continuing with the MAX Phase of the challenge and have noticed the most drastic changes just within the last week.  Overall, I have lost 10 pounds and 6 inches.  I even lost weight in my calves!  And in my feet!  I have been wearing cloths and shoes that haven't fit me in years.

Yes, I know I must sound like one big walking infomercial, but I am 45 years old, (whammy), Puerto Rican, (whammy), and have tried a few didn't weight loss products with minimal success if any.  So, I am happy to share my progress.  It works for ME!

Okay, got a head out the door, but I will try and post more often.  : )

Starlight Fireworks and FX - Who knew pyrotechnics and weddings would go hand in hand?

Haute Weddings has had the pleasure of working with Starlight Fireworks and FX lately, and let’s just say (and you know what I will say) it has been a BLAST! We’ve had indoor artificial snow, water soluable confetti shots, amazing firework productions and departure effects. But, Starlight Fireworks and FX can do so much more to give that WOW factor to your event. To shed some light on this, we asked Tina Warwick (owner and producer of Starlight Fireworks and FX) some questions about her business and this growing trend:

Tell us a little about Starlight Fireworks and FX (aka Starlight Fireworks & Special Effects). Our company specializes in close-proximity fireworks displays/pyrotechnics, both outdoor and indoor. Additionally, we produce departure effects, pyrotechnic ice fountains (for cakes & floral arrangements), pyrotechnic logos, water pyrotechnics, fire-writing, flame effects and sparklers. As the majority owner (Tina Warwick), never in a million years would I have thought I would be doing this type of work. I feel there is so much satisfaction and reward that comes from knowing our company is truly making a difference and providing for happy and even tearful (joy) moments each time we render our services.

Most people don't realize you feature more than just fireworks. What other forms indoor/outdoor effects do you offer? Starlight Fireworks & Special Effects offers artificial falling snow, bubbles, confetti/streamer cannons, water soluble confetti shots, smoke/ fog/haze, and low-flying fog. We also produce black light, snow and foam parties.

Mission Wedding 2012Carmen and Shawn

If a bride is wanting to have a fireworks show for her event, what is a good estimated amount she should figure within her bridal budget? Usually, a good range is $2,500-$4,000, with a minimum amount for pyrotechnics being approximately $1,800. Most professional companies charge an average of a $1,000 a minute for traditional fireworks. Sometimes, depending upon location, our company might have a little wiggle room to work within a budget that can't meet the minimum amount. I would say it doesn't hurt to ask and really encourage that communication. We will work hard to see how we can customize some effects for that special day or event that will fit into your budget.

A fireworks show is more than just igniting a fuse and standing back, can you tell us what is entailed in planning/organizing a fireworks production? The number one priority of our planning is providing for the safety of people and property. This involves doing a site visit to become familiar with the area and assess any possible safety concerns and to find out the best production location at the venue. Lots of administrative work, research and phone calls associated with the permit applications (creation of site maps, sending copies of licenses of pyrotechnicians to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction - "AHJ," ascertaining Certificates of Insurance, producing product and production descriptions, ongoing notification correspondence and communications to the AHJ, inspection meetings, meetings with city councils, commissioner courts, judges or municipal boards). In addition to the administrative tasks, our company has to make sure that we have the right type of devices for the specific location, wiring devices on-site, fabrication of racks for production installation and programming firing systems. Most importantly, being knowledgeable of what types of fire suppression equipment is necessary for the different types of pyrotechnics, governing laws, permit requirements and then becoming familiar with the laws and fire codes of each municipality. The great thing is that we take care of all of that and you, as the client or event planner, don't have to worry about it.

Lastly, what are the latest trends in pyrotechnics? Our most requested effects which seem to be the trend for our company: fireworks display, departure effects and then indoor pyrotechnics, and believe it or not, low-flying fog seems to be an effect regularly requested, with and without pyrotechnics. Also, computer firing technology has become more of a readily available trend in the fireworks/pyrotechnic industry. This computerized element and the innovation of wireless firing systems provides for a higher level of safety and for the synchronization of music for displays, which then becomes even more of an art form. However, this technology still involves more involvement of time, which means more costs to the client and is most often reserved for those productions with a larger budget.

With such a detailed production, you want to make sure the right company is taking the right safety measures. Contact Starlight Fireworks and FX, Tina Warwick,, 512.801.5492 today!

Getaway GerbsMission Wedding 2012

Maggie and Jose - Kendall Plantation (san antonio wedding planner)

This is the story of Maggie and Jose, and Haute Weddings, and Sugar Hill Bakery.  Let me explain.  Most of you do not know that I used to own a bakery called Sugar Hill Bakery, where I made wedding cakes for years.  Maggie's sister was one of my first customers and I ended up making their families cakes for years.  When I sold the bakery, I lost touch with all my customers.  Who would know that years later, I would run into Maggie, while doing a facility tour, and our paths would meet again.  Long story short, Haute Weddings coordinated her and Jose's wedding and it was MARVELOUS!  See for yourself : )      





Maggie chose yellow and navy for her wedding colors.  Yellow lemons, summer sunshine, and bright yellow could you not smile.

First dances and the father/daughter dance always get me...


The night was full of surprises.  One was a video played on Haute Cocktails' video bar of their grandparents giving them well wishes and advise on how to have a long, happy marriage.


Maggie loved Olive Garden's red berry sangria, so Megan got the recipe and all their guests sipped on fresh, home-made sangria.  It was a big hit!


Rafael, of Illuminating Celebrations, provided their creative lighting effects and music for the evening.



Sweet treats and a photo booth were also big hits.  Here are friends from, "back in the day" enjoying the fun and leaving Maggie and Jose sweet sentiments in their photo scrapbook.

The evening was full of even more surprises!  A beautiful gift from the best man and maid of honor, an exceptional thank you speech from the groom, and an unexpected announcement of a surprise honeymoon to California.  It was a great, great day and I'm so thankful to have been a part of it. Best of Wishes you two!!

Photos courtesy of

Sarah & Trey - Kendall Plantation, boerne tx (san antonio wedding planner)

Sarah and Trey were married in the summer and their wedding colors of pinks and greens accented the season and the day perfectly.  From the very start, planning with Sarah was a breeze.  She really had a clear vision of what she wanted, and we just helped her execute it.  She ordered the catering, flowers, cake, linens, wooden table rentals and her bar and beverage service through Haute Weddings, in a customized package tailored to her preferences.

No peeking.....the bride and groom right before leaving for the church...


Trey was as cool as a cucumber before the ceremony.  His love for Sarah out shined all we had put together that day.  Sarah was so nervous!  So, right before the ceremony, I went over to where the guys were and videotaped a sweet sentiment from Trey and my phone.  I then played it for Sarah and it instantly calmed her nerves, and melted her heart.  She was getting married...

Mr. and Mrs.



The bride chose a neutral pallet of linens in lattes, creams, and mochas, which really made her floral stand out.

A grand entrance down the grand staircase of the Kendall Plantation and right into their first dance

as husband and wife.

Sparklers and smooches end the night...

Photos courtesy of...

Erika and Jon at the Witte - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Erika and Jonathan tied the knot back in May at St John's Lutheran Church downtown and held their reception at the Witte Museum.  Her colors were cobalt blue and white, with touches of lime green.  Perfect colors for a spring-time event!  Their event was quite traditional but with modern surprises such as an array of food stations from Spice of Life catering, creative lighting from Illuminating Celebrations, and a video bar from Haute Cocktails.  Photos courtesy of Gary Gibson Photography.                               


Mobile bar service taken to a whole new level - san antonio weddings - haute cocktails

What turns an ordinary event into a celebration?  Friends, Family, Good Food, Good Drinks and Fun!   I had the privilege of sitting down with Megan Morales of Haute Cocktails, and asking her a few questions about how her mobile bar service adds to this mix., 210-412-6381

HW: What is Haute Cocktail’s signature drink? Can you reveal the recipe?

MM: Our signature drink is our “Haute ‘N’ Hard Lemonade.”  It’s a refreshing hand-squeezed citrus drink, and it really hits the spot. It's tangy without being sour and sweet without it being syrupy.  It's perfect and everyone LOVES it!  The drink is homemade lemonade infused with vodka. We infuse the vodka with fresh fruits like watermelon, blueberry, or strawberry and then add it to the homemade lemonade.  It's a simple recipe, but you taste the difference in the freshness.  I made this because I’m not a big fan of margaritas, mainly because Tequila and I don’t always see eye to eye JJ : ), but I still wanted something fun and fruity.

HW: Did you have any prior bartending experience prior to owning Haute Cocktails? 

MM: I tended bar with various companies before I decided that this is what I was passionate about. I have always been creative in the culinary sense, and I’ve always believed that you couldn’t have a great meal without a great drink to go with it.  I love incorporating the unexpected.  So, I'm game to experimenting with South Texas flavors like jalapeños, mangos, and cucumbers, if any clients are up for it.

HW: Tell me, how did Haute Cocktails get started?

MM: In case everybody doesn’t know my mother Lisa, who owns Haute Weddings, started out in the wedding business making the most beautiful wedding cakes. Well I worked for her in the bakery and dreamed of someday being called “The Cake Lady” like my mom. Well it turns out, I can make you the most scrum-dili-umptious cake, but I can’t decorate worth a darn.  With my mom being in the wedding industry, I guess it rubbed off on me and I love the feeling of working with couples and helping to make their day super special. I started tending bar for catering companies, and at my friend’s bar on the weekends.  It really didn’t take too long after that to realize that this is what I wanted to do.

HW: What is Haute Cocktails price ranges? Do you have packages?

MM: We offer customized packages to fit every client’s needs and most importantly, their budget. We bring enough mixes and set ups for the masses to ensure we have everything available for everybody, all night long.  If someone wants 20 sodas, we have it, and it doesn’t change the overall cost because we’ve learned to not try and figure out how much people will or wont drink. We don’t estimate how many “beer drinkers,” or “hard liquor drinkers,” a wedding will have because you never really know.  You might think someone is only a beer drinker but then when a hosted bar is provided and hard liquor is provided, they always drink that first.

HW: What is your best memory/experience with Haute Cocktails?

MM: My favorite memory was the wedding with Maggie & Jose at Kendall Plantation. The brother made a special video of the grandparents giving advice to the newly weds on how to keep their marriage strong and happy. We played it on our video bar for them after the toasts were done, and it was such an emotional, intimate moment. We were very glad to be able to be apart of that.


HW: What drinks are most popular with guests?

MM: To pick the drinks that are most popular with guests is a hard one. It really does depend on the crowd, but I would have to go with our signature lemonade. When that is offered as a choice it’s the first one that goes.  Even before the hard liquor!. I think the guests really enjoy it because it’s something new and fresh, not something they can get just anywhere.


HW: Does Haute Cocktails have any words of advice for future brides?

MM: As far as advice goes for picking a bar service?  I would say, to shop around for a good value, not just the lowest price.  Sometimes cutting corners in order to save a few bucks can really turn your big day, into a big mess.  On average you need one bartender for every 100 guests, sometimes two for every 100 if you plan on having a full bar.  Also, choosing the famous “Beer, Wine, and Margarita” package could end up costing you more in the long run. Wine is expensive and you don’t get as many servings per bottle as you would from a hard liquor bottle.  You do however; get the most bang for your buck when you choose a keg over bottled beer.  Our video bar can house two kegs on tap.

HW: You are quite young to own a business, much less a bar service. What challenges have you faced in regards to your age and how do you overcome them? 

MM:  I guess others would see me as young, but I feel like I am just coming of age.   The thing is, I have always been an entrepreneur.   I grew up with two parents who have both always owned businesses.  So I understand the importance of pleasing my clients, and providing great customer service.  I also learned that “quality not quantity” is the most important aspect to running any kind of business. I am such a perfectionist with my setups and drinks, that I will not serve anything that I don’t think is up to par with my standards nor will I hire anyone who doesn’t meet my expectations.  Now as far as being young and owning a bar service, I see it as an advantage.  I’m newly of age so I’m open to trying all different kinds of drinks and places, so I have a younger outlook on bringing my clients the hottest, freshest, most up-to-date styles in the bar world.

HW:  So, with all the mobile bar services out there, what makes Haute Cocktails different?

MM:  I believe my company is different in that I deliver quality products, a broader range of choices, professional service, and an overall great experience for my clients and their guests.  I understand that the bar is not the focal point of the event, but while their at the bar, I want them to enjoy it.  Megan Morales,, 210-412-6381

The Latest Wedding Trends are Right Here in TEXAS!

Texas is rich in culture, color, and flavor.  A few of the current trends that we are seeing nationally, fit right on in with the Texas way of life.  Anything vintage, shabby chic, country elegant, or reminiscent of southern living, will lend itself to any Texas venue.

Vintage themed weddings take the most simplistic of materials and create the most chic décor and atmosphere. Vintage styling incorporates romantic bride and bridesmaids attire, narrow lapels and skinny ties for the guys, heirlooms and lace, and a dreamy palette of soft colors and textures.  You can play on this theme by making it more personalized to your own styling and adding a touches of opulence, shabby-chicness, or country flair.

Western rustic and ranch themes are as natural to Texas as our bluebonnets. Using distressed materials such as wagon wheels, bales of hay, twine, or leather, these goods are the start to a truly western party. And a ranch theme isn’t just about a hearty barbeque menu and cowboy boots. It’s can also be a Mexican party with Spanish flair. The décor doesn’t just stop with bold floral, linens, Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican food, mariachis and Flamenco dancers can add the right spice to turn a ranch themed wedding into a culturally infused fiesta.

Southern charm weddings are classic, traditional weddings with a southern twist. To no surprise, Texas etiquette and twang are the perfect combination to make this event feel just like home. Delicate florals, crisp linens, designer china, shiny metallic touches and a robust menu are the heart of a southern wedding. The overall look of the event is soft, clean, and yet feels lush. Colorful signature drinks or even punch or lemonade has every thirsty guest longing for more.  And don’t forget the sweet tea!

Wedding guides, websites, Pinterest, and magazines are sources of all kinds of wedding inspiration.  And here in Texas, our events are big and diverse in every way, with tons of inspiration in your own Lone Star state!

tiffany and stewart - southwest school of art (san antonio wedding planner)

"Well I should say my husband and I had different ideas on how we wanted the day to look. Lisa was able to take both of our ideas and create a beautiful and perfect day that I know my mother would be proud of. She knew what vendors would work for us, and handled all of the negotiations and contracts. She has packages for any budget, and helps choose which one is best for you. We chose a full-service package because we were planning the wedding from out of state. Most of our meetings were via e-mail. She was always prompt with her responses, and handled the issue or offered her advice based on what you wanted for your day. The day of the wedding was PERFECT! All of our guests were blown away by how beautiful and organized everything turned out. All we did was show up, and the Haute Weddings team took care of the rest. They had every detailed covered."  March 2012

Tiffany and Stewart are such a gorgeous couple, it was difficult to choose only a few pics to share.  Caroline + Ben Photography didn't make it any easier.

I met my bride and groom over a year ago, during one of their visits to SA to visit with family and friends over the holiday.  It was a dreary, rainy day as we sat in a local Starbucks.  My two teenagers were out of school on break and were sitting at a table right next to us, minding their manners, but with looks of boredom evident on their faces.  But we sat, drinking coffee, and talking, and me, listening to their ideas, and planning what comes next....And then it just clicks, and you feel like old friends, and I fell in love with them.






Beth and Colin - Kendall Plantation, Boerne TX (san antonio wedding planner)

"I contacted Lisa about two and a half months prior to my wedding date. At that time I had booked a church, reception venue, photographer, and dj ... But NOTHING else. Lisa went straight to work helping us create our perfect day. She was fun and professional to work with. But most importantly, Lisa went way above and beyond our contract to insure our happiness!!!"  Beth - February 2012    

Talk about vintage!  Beth's wedding dress had been handed down through generations.  It was previously worn by her mother, Grandmother and a Great Aunt.  She displayed photos of these lovely women wearing the gown on their most special of days.  Alongside their photographs, Beth had  Texas roadmaps with hearts placed at the locations which had a special meaning to her and Colin.

Beth readied at the Kendall Plantation and took her time getting her hair and make-up done.  She was relaxed and just kicking back until it was time to head for the church.


I love this photo of them right after they've tied the knot.  Simple, romantic, elegant, time-less.  I love her vintage dress, the blue handkerchief wrap around her bouquet and those cowboy boots!


The decor...and of course, family,  friends and the fun...


Congratulations Beth and Colin!


Karla and Adrian - Kendall Plantation (san antonio wedding planner)

One of the perks of my job is that I get to hear the most fabulous love stories.  As a hopeless romantic, I cherish each one.  Each one has me on p ins and needles, smiling ear to ear, thinking how lucky they are to have found each other; however, its a rarity that one will actually bring me to tears.  This is just what happened as Karla and I sat in my office while she spoke of her and Adrian's story.  For over a decade, these two young hearts were "best friends."  They dated others, discussed relationships gone wrong, celebrated each others joys, and most of the time, just hung out.  Then, one day it clicked.  A little over a year ago, they went on a "date," just for fun and their status of "best friends," took on a whole other meaning.  They are my lovies and I am theirs.  Congratulations Lovies!

Mariachi Mariachi...Karla is a member of Almas del Sol, Adrian is with Las Corporales.  Both awesome groups!


A friend painted this beautiful picture and Karla had guests add their "thump-print" leaves to complete their sign in.  Pretty signature cocktails for their first toast.


Karla and Adrian chose Haute Weddings' all-inclusive package which included the catering, floral arrangements, rentals, cake and wedding coordinating.

A December wedding, the temperature was in the 50's, a cold and crisp winter night.  Her colors of winter white, with silver and crystals, were the perfect accents to set the tone.  We even had hot cocoa, coffee and cookies on the patio after the outdoor ceremony.

The Kendall Plantation has a gorgeous and spacious bridal suite with a full bathroom that includes this claw-foot bathtub. The girls couldn't wait to jump right in.


Getting  primped and ready for the ceremony.


The flower girls wore tu-tu's and held flower wands.  Magical.


The officiant was Karla's father and he performed a beautiful ceremony.  Her brother played the guitar and violin for her ceremony music.

This couple can dance!  This is the big dip at the end of their first dance, but they danced and twirled and salsa'd all night long.


The mariachi's played magnificently.  Lots of pressure, but they're pros.   That's Karla's brother on the right.  The groom opted for a dessert buffet of assorted cookies, bundt cakes, mini pecan pies, and his special request, Krispy Kreme donuts.

A late night snack of Prime Rib sliders anyone?


At the end of the night, the family and guests lit Wish Lanterns and they floated into the sky.

And they lived Happily Ever After....

corey and manuel - international center - la orilla del rio ballroom - (san antonio wedding planner)

Corey and Manuel met in the Domincan Republic (Manuel's native land), while Corey was there for a quick stay helping build houses over the summer.  He was one of the project managers and they hit it off and stayed in communication with one another via the internet.  Corey soon found herself visiting the Dominican more often and a budding romance soon flourished.  If this sounds like the beginnings of a cheesy romance novel, it kinda is...they call it, Dominican Passions.  lol.  This is all an inside personal joke that soon became public, as Corey's father, held up the book during the wedding toast, and began telling of Corey and Manuel's love story... Photos courtesy of Caroline + Ben Photography


Although the venue has a sleek, sexy feel, Corey still wanted to incorporate some natural romance.  She chose pinks, ivory, and green as her colors.  I think we pulled it off well.  : )


The ceremony took place on the outside balcony, room for two large wrought iron trees, wedding party, a guitarist and 100 of their closest friends and family.

The ceremony decor was simple with wooden chiavarri chairs, and two wrought iron trees adorned with flowerettes made from wood shavings.  She bought these by the bucket full and we placed them anywhere we thought needed a special touch.


Corey and Manuel love to dance merengue and bochata, and wanted to give their American guests a little dance class before the festivities began.  Cocktails and passed hors de'voures were also a big hit.

Here's the romance novel I spoke of earlier.  He read it word for word and it was exactly as Corey and Manuel had lived it... : )

If you can even fathom the thought, Manuel had never had a brownie before Corey came into his life.  Instead of a dessert table, he opted for brownies in every flavor imaginable.

The bride and groom were actually both sick the evening of their wedding.  All night they downed glass after glass of WATER!  This didn't stop them from having a great time and dancing the night away.


We were originally going to have an all outdoor event at a different location and hang these frames from the trees; however, a change in plans didn't stop us from incorporating this fun guest activity.

and I know they'll live, Happily Ever After.....