The Myth Of The "Day-Of" Coordinator

It is often said that a “day-of” coordinator is a must have on your wedding day so that everything runs smoothly. You want to save money or your budget doesn’t allow for a full-service coordinator, so you decide that the day-of coordinator is right for you. Well the truth is...the “day-of” coordinator may not be the best choice or value.  This brings me to the myths of the “day-of” coordinator.

Myth #1: The “Day-Of” Coordinator is enough.

Brides often seek a “day-of” coordinator to ensure all that they have put in place gets carried out accordingly. However, if there hasn't been any informative communication with the coordinator until the day of, the coordinator will not be prepared to oversee vendor responsibilities and troubleshoot problems that may arise. Therefore, the coordinator is not able to carry out the duties you expected.

Myth #2: Your wedding day will be perfect because you hired a “day-of” coordinator.

Often times the expectations you have of your “day-of” coordinator are outside of the scope of what they provide on wedding day.  You may want them to set up your DIY crafts and expect them to know all of the vendors and where everything is supposed to go.  However, if they weren't involved in much of the overall planning process, it may be impossible for a coordinator to jump in and take the reigns.

As coordinators are finding out through their own experiences how a Day Of coordinating service doesn't really benefit the client or their own business, many have chosen to "revamp" their day of and offer logistical meetings beforehand in which they can fully prepare and be aware of the bride's expectations.  

At Haute Weddings, we offer an Event Management service which includes forming a time line, floor plan, looking over contracts, contacting and confirming vendors, a final walk through, ceremony rehearsal and a full day of on-hands coordinating on wedding day.  You will also gain access to our Event Management System in which you can browse our Design Gallery or create your own, schedule appointment reminders, track payment due dates, and lots of other check lists to keep you on track.  Check out a quick summary of our services, here!

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Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

THE STUDIO AT FISCHER is a rental venue in the Texas Hill Country. Professional photo shoots, video projects, corporate events, upscale wedding and receptions - THE STUDIO provides a beautiful multi-use indoor / outdoor environment for your event or retail needs. 

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country nestled between Blanco and Wimberley, The Studio at Fischer offers an exclusive setting. The 8,000 square foot urban loft studio has a sleek, modern design built on 8-plus acres amid the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Constructed with events and photography in mind, this state-of-the-art structure blends the innovative and stylish feel of the interior space with the serenity of the rolling hills. The Studio at Fischer provides a refreshing option for upscale weddings, rehearsal dinners, and unique events. Whether you live next door or you are seeking the perfect destination for your wedding or special occasion, this sophisticated site’s allure is waiting for you.

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer


Indoor and outdoor venues
Modern 8,000 square foot loft studio
150 max
Professionally equipped hair and makeup salon
“The Chapel of Trees” with lush grass, stone archway, and wildflower meadow
Magnificent flagstone patio and pool area with large manicured lawn
Built-in outdoor “Stage of Rock”
Creative lighting options

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

The Studio at Fischer is a great venue for any occasion. Make your special event matter.  View this video for more information and here