Destination wedding - san antonio tx


It has been a whirl-wind holiday season!  I originally had planned on spending the Christmas and New Year holiday in my pj's, sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, playing Scrabble with my kids....NOT!  lol (although, we did get in a game of Monopoly)

I have several out of state brides who came into town to spend time with their families AND do some marathon bridal planning.  It has been so much fun attending all the facilities, floral appointments, dj consults and cake tastings with them.

Chesney is from Wisconsin and her fiance is in Ohio.  They are getting married and holding the ceremony & reception at her family's ranch in Castroville.  So, we are ordering a huge tent, dance floor, tables & chairs, lighting, catering, the whole shi-bang.  Hanging lanterns from the trees, crisp white linens, it's going to be beautiful.

Tasha is from San Francisco and her fiance is living in Albuquerque.  She may possibly only make it back to TX one other time before the wedding, so we are securing all her vendors before she leaves back to San Fran.  Her wedding will be the classic colors of red, black and white but with just a small accent of deep purple.  A modern take on a glamorous southern plantation house is her theme.  Love it!

Clara and Anthony are living in New York.  She is having a small intimate wedding and her theme revolves around historic Mexican culture.  She definitely wants to make sure her NY guests experience the history San Antonio has to offer.  We visited a ton of venues in two days !  The McNay, Southwest School of Arts & Crafts, Spanish Governor's Palace, Museo Alameda, San Antonio Museum of Art, La Villita and more...I'll let you know which one she chooses.

Tiffany lives in Maryland and Stewart is from New Jersey.  She wants glamorous chic and he wants conservative traditional.  They think they are on different sides of the coin, but I know how to make them both happy.

I would love to be hired to work a destination wedding in Tahiti or the Bahamas, but to be honest, I don't know much about those places.  I'm so happy I have lived in San Antonio for many years and have experienced so much that the city has to offer.  It is a great help to me and an even greater benefit to my clients.  Whether they live in SA or choose San Antonio for THEIR destination wedding.  : )