Alex and Sabrina - St. Anthony Hotel (san antonio wedding planner)

This wedding was actually coordinated by Josie Aboytes of San Antonio Floral Design.  She and her husband, Trini, did most of the design and decor and it all turned out FAB-U-LOUS.  For such a big production, she called on a couple of other wedding coordinators to help out.  I was so happy and honored to be asked.  : ) It was a pretty big production as you will soon see in the pics below.  Colors:  Black and Red, 300+ guests, a band, DJ, mariachis, ballroom dinner, party on the terrace, 10 lounge sets, an ungodly amount of LED, shimmer lights on the dance floor, a cigar roller, hoop dancers, burlesque show girls and a red wedding cake.  It was a blast!

Thanks Josie!  Congratulations Alex and Sabrina!

I can't tell you about the after-party as it was 1:00 am and time for me to go, but I know it involved tamales and menudo.  : )