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The wedding invitation plays an integral role in your wedding planning.  Choosing the details such as type and style are important factors in giving your guests an idea of what they can expect at your wedding. When starting this process, you might have questions as to when to order them, when to mail them out, and when to begin receiving RSVP's, etc.

The objective of the wedding invitation is to notify guests when and where the wedding is taking place.   This is the most obvious benefit, but there is also two other, more subtle advantages to using wedding invitations. 

1. They can wow your guests too. Stylish invitations don't just notify guests of a day to mark in their calendar, they also set the tone for your wedding. Invitations are your first opportunity to give your guests the right impression about what they are likely to expect from your wedding. Make a poor choice and their expectations will be really low, RSVPs may be few and far between, and your big day may be tainted from the get go.

2. Invitations give you the perfect opportunity to organize your guests. Each invitation enables you to modify arrangements with each RSVP. This way you can notify your vendors with an accurate count of wedding guests, create seating charts, and plan accordingly and more accurately. 

An important aspect of wedding invitations is knowing your timeline! Anne Gibson-George of Girl General says, "Give your paper professional 6-8 weeks to complete your invitation order. So don't procrastinate." This means you need to get into a stationary store and select the type of wedding invitation you want even before that. Another item to include on your timeline is RSVP due dates. Typically you should request RSVPs returned from your guests 3-4 weeks from your wedding date.

There are a range of different wedding stationery options to choose from. Available options include:

Laser Cut Stationery: If you’re looking for wedding stationery with a unique design you can create your very own pattern and have it cut out of the card using a laser cutter. There are millions of different designs you can choose from or it could be something that you have created yourself that means something to you. By utilizing this option you can put your personal touch on your wedding and give your guests a unique invitation that they won’t have seen anywhere else. What better way to let guests know that it is YOUR wedding that they are attending.

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Craft Style Stationery: This is the sort of stationery which may be printed but has added elements on it. Ribbon is very popular and anything sparkly.

Printed StationeryYou can get all types of printed stationery with a range of different patterns and in a range of different styles, from shabby chic, to vintage, to modern, to traditional. You can also create your very own design and have your invitation exactly how you want it.

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Letterpress Stationery: This gives a very luxurious feel to the invitations, it is normally a thicker piece of card that has a pattern pressed into it, giving it an engraved feel.

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Handmade/DIY StationeryThere are many brides who prefer to create their own wedding stationery. By doing this they can have it exactly how they want. If you’re not too keen on making your own stationery, there are many suppliers who can hand make them for you so you still have the look you desire. There are also companies that will sell you inviations kits, in which they print the design and you put them together.

Photo Credit:  Roma Sposa

Photo Credit: Roma Sposa

Pocket fold Invitations: These are just as they are described, a folded card with a pocket on the inside which will hold all the invitation  information.

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Photo Credit:The Knot

Some other important factors to consider says Anne, "The typical invitation invites two people. When you indicate that you would like to invite 200 people to your wedding, you need to request between 100 and 125 invitations. One invitation does not equal one person." She also states that you should ALWAYS include return postage on your RSVP card or envelope. In addition to this you need to factor in the cost of postage for each invite. It's going to vary depending on what type of invitation you selected and its weight. The heavier the paper, or adding a bow or knot to your invite is likely to increase the cost of postage to your invitations so keep the design elements and postage prices in mind when selecting the type of wedding invitation you're going to go with. 

And one last piece of advice in staying organized for when those RSVPs start to roll in. Keep a clean alphabetized excel spreadsheet with a complete list of all your guests including their full name and full address spelled out. This way you can check them off the list and stay on top of your number of guests planning on attending your special day!