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Stationary is the first peek at the wedding that your guests will see.  You can create a truly memorable experience by simply choosing a personalized or custom stationary suite.  You can be as formal or as casual as you need to be while still incorporating accents or themes that reflect your personalities.  Here are a few of our favorite stationary trends...


All That Glitters

Laser Cut

Ask Your Stationer about Chair Decor

Full Wedding Suites can include everything from the Save The Date, to Shower Invitations, Programs, Menus, Napkins, Information Signs as well as the actual Invitations, so definitely think about all the paper products and then some you might be needing. 


Haute Weddings on Kens5 at the St. Anthony - San Antonio wedding planner

Who could resist filming a wedding segment at the St. Anthony?  Not me!  I love coordinating weddings at the St. Anthony, so when they asked me to participate in their wedding segment for Great Day SA, it was a no-brainer.  

If you haven't been to the St. Anthony since the renovation, you need to put it on your list of To-Do's.  It is definitely a luxury hotel, but even though it is quite regal, there is still an intimacy about it.  You feel comfortable and welcomed home.

Click on the link above to watch the segment.


Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award 2016 goes to....

2015 was an amazing year of awards and recognitions.  : )  It wasn't too long ago when I started Haute Weddings and I could only imagine and aspire to be like some of the other "big name" wedding companies in San Antonio, and to be an award winning company like them. 

I have had my fair share of ups and downs, trial and errors, and copying other companies business methods, thinking that would catapult me and my company into their premier circle.  But I soon learned that I had to make my own path.  That someone else's blueprint is not going to work for me.  Now, don't get me wrong, I listen and learn from everyone else's mistakes and advice.  I'm not an idiot!  lol  But I did learn that I had to create my own path.

And with this I had to figure out what was Haute Weddings all about?  How am I any different from other coordinating companies?  What values did I want my company to stand for?  Only when I defined this did I feel I was on the right path for me. 

I am so thankful to work with fun-loving couples and good-hearted families.  I am sassy, witty, a tad sarcastic, but I also very methodical, organized, hard working and have a "getter done" attitude.  I will always not only have my clients best interests at heart, but also their friends and guests.  I will always be on the look out for the best vendors at the best value so my couples can have the best wedding.  I base Haute Weddings mission statement on the word SERVICE.  I love being of service to everyone at my events and to my vendors.  And to service everyone with professional, integrity and honesty.  That my friend is what Haute Weddings is all about.  

Thank you to all my couples who have shown their appreciation for my work by writing such wonderful reviews.  It makes my heart happy and makes me smile a Chester Cheetos smile.  I am sincerely appreciative.  

Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award

Best of The Knot Weddings 2016 and Hall of Fame - San Antonio Wedding Planner

We are proud to announce that Haute Weddings has been selected as a 2016 winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests on The Knot. AND, we are also proud to announce that since winning The Best of Weddings for 4 years, we have also been given the Hall of Fame recognition.  Thank you to all my awesome Hautties that appreciate what we do for them.  I am so appreciate for your wonderful reviews on !


The Myth Of The "Day-Of" Coordinator

It is often said that a “day-of” coordinator is a must have on your wedding day so that everything runs smoothly. You want to save money or your budget doesn’t allow for a full-service coordinator, so you decide that the day-of coordinator is right for you. Well the truth is...the “day-of” coordinator may not be the best choice or value.  This brings me to the myths of the “day-of” coordinator.

Myth #1: The “Day-Of” Coordinator is enough.

Brides often seek a “day-of” coordinator to ensure all that they have put in place gets carried out accordingly. However, if there hasn't been any informative communication with the coordinator until the day of, the coordinator will not be prepared to oversee vendor responsibilities and troubleshoot problems that may arise. Therefore, the coordinator is not able to carry out the duties you expected.

Myth #2: Your wedding day will be perfect because you hired a “day-of” coordinator.

Often times the expectations you have of your “day-of” coordinator are outside of the scope of what they provide on wedding day.  You may want them to set up your DIY crafts and expect them to know all of the vendors and where everything is supposed to go.  However, if they weren't involved in much of the overall planning process, it may be impossible for a coordinator to jump in and take the reigns.

As coordinators are finding out through their own experiences how a Day Of coordinating service doesn't really benefit the client or their own business, many have chosen to "revamp" their day of and offer logistical meetings beforehand in which they can fully prepare and be aware of the bride's expectations.  

At Haute Weddings, we offer an Event Management service which includes forming a time line, floor plan, looking over contracts, contacting and confirming vendors, a final walk through, ceremony rehearsal and a full day of on-hands coordinating on wedding day.  You will also gain access to our Event Management System in which you can browse our Design Gallery or create your own, schedule appointment reminders, track payment due dates, and lots of other check lists to keep you on track.  Check out a quick summary of our services, here!

Also, check out this blog at Every Last Detail 


Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

THE STUDIO AT FISCHER is a rental venue in the Texas Hill Country. Professional photo shoots, video projects, corporate events, upscale wedding and receptions - THE STUDIO provides a beautiful multi-use indoor / outdoor environment for your event or retail needs. 

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country nestled between Blanco and Wimberley, The Studio at Fischer offers an exclusive setting. The 8,000 square foot urban loft studio has a sleek, modern design built on 8-plus acres amid the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Constructed with events and photography in mind, this state-of-the-art structure blends the innovative and stylish feel of the interior space with the serenity of the rolling hills. The Studio at Fischer provides a refreshing option for upscale weddings, rehearsal dinners, and unique events. Whether you live next door or you are seeking the perfect destination for your wedding or special occasion, this sophisticated site’s allure is waiting for you.

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer


Indoor and outdoor venues
Modern 8,000 square foot loft studio
150 max
Professionally equipped hair and makeup salon
“The Chapel of Trees” with lush grass, stone archway, and wildflower meadow
Magnificent flagstone patio and pool area with large manicured lawn
Built-in outdoor “Stage of Rock”
Creative lighting options

Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer
Venue Feature: The Studio at Fischer

The Studio at Fischer is a great venue for any occasion. Make your special event matter.  View this video for more information and here

Happy New Year from Haute Weddings! - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Another year has come and gone! 2014 is in the books and now we look ahead to 2015. Although we have much to look forward to in 2015, it's fun to take a look back on past weddings and in New Year's fashion we've compiled photos with fireworks or sparkler exits in honor of the holiday. These images are fond memories of the brides and grooms we've worked with and how we hope that same spark on their wedding day is still alive and burning today! 

Photo Credit:  Élan Imaging   Fireworks by  Starlight Fireworks and FX

Photo Credit: Élan Imaging

Fireworks by Starlight Fireworks and FX

Photo Credit:  Élan Imaging

Photo Credit: Élan Imaging

Photo Credit:  Élan Imaging    Fireworks by  Starlight Fireworks and FX

Photo Credit: Élan Imaging 

Fireworks by Starlight Fireworks and FX

To all our family, friends, brides and grooms Haute Weddings wishes you all a very prosperous and Happy New Year!!! Cheers! 

Wedding Chair Trends - San Antonio Wedding Planner

Whether your wedding day is simple or elaborate, most couples will still want the decor to make a statement, impressing guests with a "wow" factor  One new and fun trend is adding decor to the wedding chairs!  

There are plenty of ways to style chairs — from the typical, formal Chiavari chair to the more relaxed wooden folding chair — that spruce up decor without looking dated.  From rainbow-colored streamers, to nautical ropes and angular bows, take a look at some favorite wedding chairs below to get some new ideas for your seating! 

Gold Sequined Chair Covers

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Now this look says glamorous! Drape the back of gold Chiavari chairs with oversize sequins for a look that will wow your guests.

Ombre Chair Cover Effect

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Have some fun with your seating and vary the color shades with covered seating going from light to dark or dark to light.

Colorful Ribbons 

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

If you're DIYing your wedding reception here's a fun idea. Grab ribbons in your favorite colors and tie them around your ceremony or reception chairs.

Wrap Chairs with a Scarf or Shawl

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Look at these pretty purple draped chairs! The inspiration here, purple pashminas. You can keep your guests warm with these scarfs or shawls at an outdoor reception and create a look all your own. Tie them nicely around your ceremony or reception chairs. 


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Add some colorful streamers to the back of your chairs for a fun and festive vibe!

Tie Some Knots

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Tie figure eight knots around your chairs if you're going for a nautical theme or as a cute way to say, without saying, that you're "tying the knot!" 

So if you're looking to make a statement at your wedding reception, trick out your chairs with some of these cool styles we showed you here. They're sure to leave a lasting impression with your guests and create a cool look to mesh with your decor! 

Inspiration Table for the San Antonio Weddings Magazine

De Vinnie's Paradise and Haute Weddings collaborated on a Tropical Paradise Wedding Inspiration Table for the current 2014-15 San Antonio Weddings Magazine.  It was around spring time and we were dreaming of summer, envisioning blue skies,  turquoise waters, and bright, bold tropical flowers.  

It was such a great experience being about to create something for us.  To dream of the tropical wedding that we would want.  Plus, anytime you get me and the De Vinnie girls together, it's a good day, and that day was the bomb.

Thank you Kurtis Kronk for taking some beautiful shots of our work at ZaZa Gardens.


Things that happen at weddings...and how a planner can help

As a wedding planner, I could give you lots of reasons as to why to hire a wedding planner.  So, I'll just give you a few:

  • Groom's cake disaster
After sitting for a few hours, the cake just started falling apart....

After sitting for a few hours, the cake just started falling apart....

after cake "surgery"  

after cake "surgery"  

We also have done the following and saved the day...

  • fixed boutonnieres
  • made bouquets from extra flowers
  • fixed wedding cakes
  • pinned broken bustles
  • sewed broken bustles
  • stood in for MC for DJ
  • handed out band aids, scissors, hair clips, paper clips, safety pins, tape, kleenex, nail clippers, pens, crazy glue and more to wedding guests, wedding party, and vendors
  • put on brides shoes
  • hold up wedding dress so bride can go potty
  • act as security when needed (our least favorite)
  • supply cake knife and server when forgotten
  • supply votive candles when forgotten
  • supply reserved signs when forgotten
  • supply last minute DJ when DJ friend of bridesmaid didn't show up 
  • tie on old-fashioned bow ties (the ones WITHOUT the clips)
  • step in as bar back, step in as bartender, served wine and or champagne
  • act as banquet manager
  • make plates in back of kitchen
  • drain ice sculpture bucket
  • clean up/pick up rose petals off ground/dance floor/church aisle


The list can LITERALLY go on and if you are on the fence as to whether or not to hire a planner, maybe some of these just gave you the push you needed.  : )

The Latest Wedding Trends are Right Here in TEXAS!

Texas is rich in culture, color, and flavor.  A few of the current trends that we are seeing nationally, fit right on in with the Texas way of life.  Anything vintage, shabby chic, country elegant, or reminiscent of southern living, will lend itself to any Texas venue.

Vintage themed weddings take the most simplistic of materials and create the most chic décor and atmosphere. Vintage styling incorporates romantic bride and bridesmaids attire, narrow lapels and skinny ties for the guys, heirlooms and lace, and a dreamy palette of soft colors and textures.  You can play on this theme by making it more personalized to your own styling and adding a touches of opulence, shabby-chicness, or country flair.

Western rustic and ranch themes are as natural to Texas as our bluebonnets. Using distressed materials such as wagon wheels, bales of hay, twine, or leather, these goods are the start to a truly western party. And a ranch theme isn’t just about a hearty barbeque menu and cowboy boots. It’s can also be a Mexican party with Spanish flair. The décor doesn’t just stop with bold floral, linens, Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican food, mariachis and Flamenco dancers can add the right spice to turn a ranch themed wedding into a culturally infused fiesta.

Southern charm weddings are classic, traditional weddings with a southern twist. To no surprise, Texas etiquette and twang are the perfect combination to make this event feel just like home. Delicate florals, crisp linens, designer china, shiny metallic touches and a robust menu are the heart of a southern wedding. The overall look of the event is soft, clean, and yet feels lush. Colorful signature drinks or even punch or lemonade has every thirsty guest longing for more.  And don’t forget the sweet tea!

Wedding guides, websites, Pinterest, and magazines are sources of all kinds of wedding inspiration.  And here in Texas, our events are big and diverse in every way, with tons of inspiration in your own Lone Star state!

Beth and Colin - Kendall Plantation, Boerne TX (san antonio wedding planner)

"I contacted Lisa about two and a half months prior to my wedding date. At that time I had booked a church, reception venue, photographer, and dj ... But NOTHING else. Lisa went straight to work helping us create our perfect day. She was fun and professional to work with. But most importantly, Lisa went way above and beyond our contract to insure our happiness!!!"  Beth - February 2012    

Talk about vintage!  Beth's wedding dress had been handed down through generations.  It was previously worn by her mother, Grandmother and a Great Aunt.  She displayed photos of these lovely women wearing the gown on their most special of days.  Alongside their photographs, Beth had  Texas roadmaps with hearts placed at the locations which had a special meaning to her and Colin.

Beth readied at the Kendall Plantation and took her time getting her hair and make-up done.  She was relaxed and just kicking back until it was time to head for the church.


I love this photo of them right after they've tied the knot.  Simple, romantic, elegant, time-less.  I love her vintage dress, the blue handkerchief wrap around her bouquet and those cowboy boots!


The decor...and of course, family,  friends and the fun...


Congratulations Beth and Colin!


katie and andrew - la orilla del rio ballroom (san antonio wedding planner)

I must say, this wedding was one of the most funnest weddings I have ever coordinated.  A lot is due to the laid back, no worries, creative and fun energies of the couple, their friends, and their families.  Katie has such a free spirit and her guests benefited from her generosity.  Awesome food served family style, cupcakes in red velvet, lemon and vanilla, a candy station, chocolate liquor milkshakes, great music and lots of shenanigans.   By the end of the night they were planking, and dancing and skipping imaginary rope to techno music.  Take a peek at some of her design and decor.

LED dance floor - haute rentals (san antonio wedding planner)

Available for all types of events:  weddings, quinceaneras, sweet 16, birthday, and more.  Your celebration will be unique and your guests will have tons of fun dancing the night away.  See it rockin' at the Kendall Plantation Open House, Tuesday, Sept. 27th from 6-8:30pm.  Please RSVP at  Click on events!

5 Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Budget (san antonio wedding planner)

The latest edition of the San Antonio Wedding''s Magazine is out!  Woo-hoo!  Check out this article in which I discuss how to stretch your wedding $$.   Click here to see article!  then go to Page 256.  Article written by Denise Marcos

Credit to my lovely bride and groom, Mary and Adam (Happy Anniversary!)  and

Photography credit to

parasols - my new obsession (san antonio wedding planner)

One of my fondest memories is walking in the summer with my Filipino grandmother to the local T.G & Y. and she would let me get all the candy $1.00 would buy.  And back then, it was a lot.  My grandmother would shield herself from the blazing sun with an umbrella.  Of course, I was much too cool for that, and I thought she looked both ridiculous and cute at the same time.  Guess who now, always has an umbrella shielding her from the sun? (and whose teenager daughter almost dies from embarrassment until she too is shielded from the scorching heat?) Now, these practical items are showing up in weddings and other celebrations for their utilitarian purposes as well as decoration.  And, they are now quite stylish and economical.  A BIG Bonus!

You can purchase paper parasols from or at around $6 or $7 a piece.  Trace a template in pencil and fill it in with tempura paint for a clean finish.  What could be easier?  The ones above were purchased from

How cute are these hanging upside down ready for the festivities to begin?

You could definitely purchase a vintage umbrella, but why not make one yourself?  I'm sure you could do this by simply gluing on fabric ribbon.

kodi and aaron engagement pics (san antonio wedding planner)

Kodi and Aaron are getting married in November at Boulder Springs Event Facility.  These engagements reflect their personalities perfectly.  As Kodi has told me several times, they are "country."  C-O-U-N-T-R-Y!  LOL   But, don't let this blonde beauty fool you, cause she definitely has the brains to match.  I can't wait until her wedding to see all her rustic country design aspects in full effect.  : )  Photos courtesy of