parasols - my new obsession (san antonio wedding planner)

One of my fondest memories is walking in the summer with my Filipino grandmother to the local T.G & Y. and she would let me get all the candy $1.00 would buy.  And back then, it was a lot.  My grandmother would shield herself from the blazing sun with an umbrella.  Of course, I was much too cool for that, and I thought she looked both ridiculous and cute at the same time.  Guess who now, always has an umbrella shielding her from the sun? (and whose teenager daughter almost dies from embarrassment until she too is shielded from the scorching heat?) Now, these practical items are showing up in weddings and other celebrations for their utilitarian purposes as well as decoration.  And, they are now quite stylish and economical.  A BIG Bonus!

You can purchase paper parasols from or at around $6 or $7 a piece.  Trace a template in pencil and fill it in with tempura paint for a clean finish.  What could be easier?  The ones above were purchased from

How cute are these hanging upside down ready for the festivities to begin?

You could definitely purchase a vintage umbrella, but why not make one yourself?  I'm sure you could do this by simply gluing on fabric ribbon.