It's Wedding Season - Where do I begin? - San Antonio Wedding Planner

January and February is typically a "down" season for wedding professionals in regards to the number of events we have on the books.  This is actually a good thing so we can devote our attention to the thousands of brides who just got engaged over the holidays and inundating us with emails, texts and phone calls for information.  

Maybe you're one of the ones who has dreamed of her wedding since you were a little girl.  Maybe you're one who doesn't have a clue and not even sure if you want a big ta-doo.  Either way, questions you may be asking yourself are...What do I do now?  Where do I begin? Who do I contact first?

Well, as a wedding planner I'm sure it's pretty obvious I'm going to tell you that you first and foremost - need a planner! lol  I know you saw that one coming.  tee-hee...but really, you do.  Not kidding.  And here's why...

1.  The first thing you are going to want to do is go to a bridal show.  These are great!  I love bridal shows.  They are packed with great vendors, and hundreds of brides.  You will feel overwhelmed and although you may meet and made some connections, you will most likely leave still asking the questions...What do I do now?  Where do I begin?  Who do I contact first? 

2.  The second thing you are going to want to do is email EVERYONE.  Because you don't really know how this planning thing really works.  And you have no idea how much it costs.  And well, you need to know these things.  : )  And you do.  But emailing everyone will still prove to be pretty fruitless and you will still be asking the questions...What do I do now?  Where do I begin?  Who do I contact first?

Are you seeing a pattern here?  At this point is usually when my phone starts ringing and my email starts blowing up.  And I LOVE this!  It means you need help, and YES!  I can help you.  I'd love to help you.  

I get lots of inquiries with one basic question in mind.  "What are your packages and how much do they cost?"  And I understand this question.  Because you do not know what wedding planning really entails, you're not exactly sure what to ask, and you also don't even know if you can afford it.  I get it.  But hiring a wedding planner is such a personal purchase.  It's like buying a purse, or perfume or lingerie.  You don't want to just base your purchase on price.  You want to make sure that it's a good fit, smells good and is comfy, but looks pretty.  (get it...purse, perfume, lingerie...)  And most of all, you want to make sure you're getting the best value.  

So, when you're contacting vendors, definitely ask about pricing.  It will at least open the door of communication, but think of it more like an interview and throw some other good ones out there.  Just last week, a potential client finished her list of questions for me with..."If you were a bride, would you hire yourself."  I had never been asked that before and it kinda threw me for a loop.  The planner in me started thinking of it from every angle..knowing what I know now? Or, if I was a bride who is a planner, hiring a planner?  This is how my mind works.  Looking at a task from every perspective and every angle to ensure I am clearly understood and understanding the big picture.  So, YES!  Yes, I would hire myself solely on that fact that I would leave no stone unturned.  lol   

So, hiring a wedding planner can help give you guidance, referrals, resources and get you going in the right direction so you are not asking...Where do I begin?