Dating ideas for Australians

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As any aussie would tell you, going to the traditional theater or dining establishment for an online dating purposes is cliché. The country itself consists of distinctive geographical positioning and features that makes it a truly remarkably unique island in itself.

stop cliché dating activities

With a vast amount of other things that couples can partake in, there's no reason why couples should stick to cliché dating activities. Here are 5 dating ideas for Australians5 dating ideas for Australians
that will surely leave a lasting impact on your online dating efforts.

1) Underground Cinema

The underground cinemas can be best described as being a movement as opposed to a traditional establishment. The key idea behind underground cinemas is mystery. Underground cinemas aim to create an immersive world which merges the old way of telling stories with cinema, in the sense that you never know what the story is about or how it's going to end or even where you will listen to the story. These types of themed events enable people to dress up and go to an undisclosed location. Once a guest shows up at the location, only then will they be able to know what mystery movie is playing. From a forgotten ballroom, to a warehouse, organizers shroud the current location of the event in mystery and rarely ever stays at the same location.

2) Bushwalking

Bushwalking is an Aussie activity. In other countries it goes by the name of hiking and tramping or trekking. This can prove to be an ideal dating option of couples who have a profound love of nature. Australia itself is filled with diverse wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, such as the infamous kangaroo. Bushwalking gives Aussie couples the opportunity to explore nature and unique wildlife.

3) Watch The Stars Together At An Observatory

Some of the most memorable dates tend to be the most simplistic ones where you focus on the beauty of life and your spouse. If you want to minimize the distractions associated with going to public establishments, this one's for you. Most of the major cities in Australia have an observatory such as Sydney Observatory and Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. An observatory is an amazing place to take your date. In fact, viewing the stars in this country is drastically different than anywhere else, because the location of the country makes it a perfect place to see an abundance of stars, due to a lack of light pollution throughout various areas of the country.

4) Island Hopping

One of the most memorable experiences couples can enjoy is the experience associated with island hopping. The Whitsunday Islands is a group of 74 islands, 69 of which are uninhabited. Located within close proximity of Queensland, couples can partake in an activity that's officially called bareboating. What this entails is the hiring of a boat, which you stock with provisions before you sail off and visit multiple islands. Regardless of your sails experience, various companies cater to newcomers by providing them with a safety briefing as well as to communicate with you while you're at sea.

  1. Watch Baby Turtles Hatch

The birth of a turtle is a modern marvel that many people will never experience. This country is prime real estate when it comes to turtle nesting grounds. Many wildlife lovers have listed watching baby turtles hatch as one of their top things to do. Between the months of March and November, professional rangers provide guests with nightly guided tours.