How to avoid being dumped

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The dating scene has changed over the years. If you have been out of it for a while, you might find some things to be new. For instance, online dating is now at the top of the list. Many more people are having online relationships than those who met in person at first. Either way, the same rules apply when it comes to the dating game.

To stay on top of the game

To stay on top of the game, you have to play by the rules. Dating comes with its set of rules. If you can't play by the rules, then you will lose out on the game.

Many people get dumped because they did not understand what dating was all about. While getting dumped is painful, it is mostly inevitable.

Putting yourself out there has its risks. Even with the possibility of heartbreak, you can still be successful at dating. These tips will help you avoid getting dumped this year.

Be True

Many times we change for the people we love. It is common to see that in the early stages of dating. You act like someone you are not to attract someone you want. While it may work for a while, you are bound to fail. Keeping up appearances takes a lot of work, and not many people can maintain their fake persona.

Online dating has made it easy to put up this façade. The thing with this is, after a while, your true self will show. If it does not, then you might feel like you are being used in the relationship. No one wants to feel like they are getting a raw deal. Once you begin being your true self, chances are you will lose out on your partner. All this can be avoided if you are honest from the start. Being your true self ensures you get a person that is attracted to the real you. There is no fear that they will lose interest because you have shown them a part of you they did not know about. Be honest from the start, as that is a great foundation of any relationship.

Be Willing to Compromise

Relationships have no winners or losers. You must be willing to meet someone in the middle. If you go into a relationship feeling like you are always right and no one else should have the final say, then you will fail. Remember that you are two different personalities with different world views. Disagreements are bound to happen. The only way to make it work is to be willing to compromise. Sometimes, you will compromise on the pettiest things; other times, it will be on serious matters. Either way, you have to be willing to meet your partner in the middle ground. It would be best if you also were willing to let go of your opinion and not be a sore loser. It is the only way to work out your issues.

Keep It Exciting

Everyone wants a relationship to be fresh and exciting. Make date nights a thing, and do not assume it is something that only 20-year-olds enjoy. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and do something exciting. Many people assume that they know what they want by the age of 30 and cannot try new things. Do not be afraid to jump into the deep end and do something you have never tried before. Planning for such adventures will not only be fun, but it will also give you something to look forward to. You and your partner will create new memories together that will keep you interested. Do not do the same old things you have done in previous relationships. They might be why your past relationships ended. One of the things that make people break up is when the relationship becomes monotonous. Find things that will add sparkle to your relationship. It ensures none of you thinks about leaving the relationship.

Pay Attention

Everyone wants to feel special in a relationship. No matter how young or old, ensure your partner feels wanted. The one way of doing this is knowing their love language. Many times you will do the most and still get rejected. The main reason is, you loved your partner in a language they do not relate to. Taking the time to understand your partner's interpretation of love will guide you in what you need to do. It might be as simple as a lingering hug, running errands for them. Sometimes it is sending them a sweet message throughout the day. It does not have to be expensive. Not paying attention to your partner will make them feel unwanted, and they will walk out. No one wants to stay in a place where they do not feel like they are being appreciated.

Be Honest about Your Intentions

People get into a relationship for different reasons. It would help if you let your partner know why you are in the relationship. It is mean and insensitive to drag someone along, promising them more when all you wanted was to have a good time. Such conversations should be had when the relationship is still new. In doing this so early in the relationship, everyone knows what they are getting out of it. In case your thoughts on the relationship change, then let your partner know about it. The conversation might be difficult to have, but it will save you from heartache in the long run. While being honest to your partner, be honest to yourself. Do not string along in a relationship with hopes when your partner has been open about what they want. It will lead to disappointment. While people's feelings might change after a while, it does not happen with everyone. Do not go into a relationship with expectations even after being told not.

Listen to Your Partner

One of the main reasons relationships fail is people do not listen to each other. If you notice your partner is displeased with something, do not take it lightly. Take the time to sit with them and listen to what they have to say. Do this with an open mind so you can see what their angle is. Many times people hear what is being said but do not listen. Find out why your partner is feeling the way they are and whether this is justified. Do not downplay any issues they raise, as it might be a big deal to them. If they have told you about it, it must be important to them.

In the same light, be open when you are unhappy with something. Do not keep quiet just because you want to maintain peace. Conflicts will happen in a relationship. If you keep suppressing your emotions, then you might end up resenting your partner. Speak up and resolve whatever issue it is immediately. The sooner you talk about it, the better for your relationship.

Relationships are no walk in the park, and you need to put in the work. If you are not willing to go through the trouble of working on it, you have no business in a relationship. Ensure you talk to your partner and listen to them as well. Pay attention to them and the subtleties they may have. Be open-minded and honest. In doing this, you can maintain a healthy relationship. Don't forget to have fun as well. In case it ends, the memories will make the whole situation worth it.

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