How to Avoid Growing Resentful in Your Relationship

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Growing resentful in your relationship is something that is common amongst people who have been dating for more than a few years. It can be easy to feel like you're being taken advantage of and want something different because of it. However, these slight feelings of resentment can snowball into bigger feelings that cause turmoil in a relationship. Avoid growing resentful in your relationship by following these tips.

Be direct when talking about your needs and expectations for the relationship

Being direct, in general, will increase communication in your relationship by a great deal. Good communication will lead to better understanding of your feelings and a better way of conveying it to your significant other. Being direct when talking about your needs in a relationship is a great way to set a baseline for how you and your partner will treat each other. This baseline will be understood by both of you and help to guide each of you when talking about expectations for the relationship. It might seem childish, but these expectations will keep your relationship out of a lot of trouble.

Recognize that you'll have to compromise sometimes

Compromising is a huge part of being in a relationship. Everyone compromises sometimes for the betterment of the relationship. You might not be the person who always has to compromise but it's important to know how to do it if you need to. Finding a midway point between you and your partner will help the compromise go over better for both people and create understanding in the relationship. It shouldn't always be the same partner compromising in the relationship, at some point both partners will need to make compromises.

Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship, instead of dwelling on annoyances

Focusing your mind on all of the positive things about your relationship instead of the negative ones will leave you feeling happy about your partner, not bitter toward them. If you have an online relationship then it might be easier to focus on your positive conversations and if you're not online dating then you can try to focus on positive memories you've made with your significant other. There's no point in dating if you are always focused on all of the negative things about your relationship. It'll just lead to you resenting your partner and possibly hurting them.

When you become upset with your partner, give yourself time to cool off before discussing it

Giving your partner some time to cool off before discussing any arguments you might have had will give them time to think about everything before actually addressing it. This time could lead to the difference between having an argument and not having one because most people will start to think more clearly and less emotionally during this time. That way, when you both come back together to talk about your argument, both of you can clearly communicate without too many emotions getting in your way. This is easier if you're online dating because you can step away from your phone and computer for a while to cool off.

Practice active listening

listen to the other part!

Active listening is where one partner actively listens to their partner's point completely and actually takes in what they are saying. This is important to a relationship and avoiding resent because many people don't listen to their partner and will just wait until it's their turn to argue a point instead of actually taking in what their partner is saying. Active listening will save your relationship from many arguments that could be avoided by listening more deeply to what your partner is saying and understanding where they're coming from. After you active listen, then you can make your own point.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay