How to Talk to Your Partner About Money

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The inevitable for every relationship is the "money talk". Talking about money can be just as taboo as sex and politics. So when is the right time?

 Talking about money can be just as taboo as sex and politics

We believe that this is something that should be done sooner rather than later, which I'm sure you find hard to disagree with. Of course, there is no need to jump ahead of yourself when meeting someone new, but when the time is right don't hold back. Ask them what you want to know.

Money in relationships is a touchy subject for many. If you have been online datingIf you have been online dating and you are ready to get to necessary information, then for it. A lot of people like to play games when it comes to online dating, so be as blunt and straight with them as you intend to be.

When you are first developing a new relationship, you want to talk about your expectations early. This way you already know what to expect and if the rest of the relationship is even worth pursuing. We all want to know if we are wasting our time, no matter how bad that might hurt.

Some things you can slide into a conversation with your partner

Credit Score

Depending on the security of your relationship you may need to take "baby steps" in the money conversation department. Start simple with bringing up credit scores. Sometimes it is best to work your way toward everything you're looking to learn about them slowly. You don't want to intimidate them, much less scare them away. This is why you also want to make sure you're not talking about it too soon. Either way, it could be a good test to see where the relationship is. You should be finessing your way to bringing it up smoothly within a conversation.


After you talk about credit scores, you can ask them if they have any savings, if they are saving for retirement, emergencies, etc. This is more important than you think. Having a prepared partner for these situations will take all the pressure off you.

Set Financial Goals Independently and Together

After you have established this ground you can start to focus on some ways you can work forward financially both independently and together. Setting some money goals together and apart can help give your relationship a sturdy ground. This way you can hold each other accountable to certain financial boundaries and goals.

Financial Views

If you are having trouble breaking through, talk about your upbringing and how it has shaped your financial views. Getting this idea together will you both become more accustomed to the future you are going to share.

When it comes down to it, you will be thankful you both had this conversation sooner rather than later. When you're dating someone, questions about money are always going to be sitting in the back of your head, so why not get everything out on the table. Understandably, you are not wanting to blurt out questions on a first date that may not be going anywhere, but certainly ask and talk about your financial situation with someone you are growing closer to personally.

At the end of the day, it is just money and we are just people. There is nothing shameful about what we have sitting in our bank accounts.

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay