4 Signs Someone Doesn’t Want a Real Relationship

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Look, I get it, online dating is hard, dating in general is hard. The older we get the more seemingly impossible it becomes. It can be frustrating when you have been dating someone for a while and you can't tell if they are ready to take that next step with you.

As must as we want it to, chemistry doesn't make a relationship. It's important to figure this out before it's too late and things get extremely messy. Breakups are painful, which is why it's important to recognize the signs of someone who doesn't want a real relationship.

chemistry doesn't make a relationship

People are at different times of their lives and not all casual dating is going to lead to a relationship. You and the person you are dating may not be on the same page and they could not be as serious of a person as you when it comes to relationships. 

Dating online is intimidating! No one wants to be someone's one-night stand. We all want to be loved... right?

In this article, I am going to share with you 4 ways to tell if someone is not looking for a real relationship with you.

Let's get into it:

1. They don't show up, call, or text when they say they will

When someone is not that interested in you they try to give you signs, not on purpose exactly, but red flags nonetheless. Though, of course we tend to look past those. We make excuses for them. We say "maybe they are just busy right now...or always" when in reality they are straight up ignoring us. 

If they constantly stand you up, they never call or text first or return messages, then they probably don't really want to talk to you. If they wanted to, they would. Remember that.

Online dating is scary and at times you'll want to forgive easily because it doesn't feel as serious as knowing someone online. It's still important to remember your worth as a human being and know that someone who truly sees a future with you, will prioritize your needs. 

2. They avoid intimate physical touch

Yes, some people are just not the 'touchy' 'feely' type, but I mean come on, this just might be a giveaway. People who are not interested will be more distant, both physically and mentally. They will refrain from being near you and probably won't even look at you much.

Someone who is into will want to be near you all the time and won't be afraid to show their emotions through simple things like holding hands.

3. They aren't interested in one-on-one dates, only group hangouts

If they only want to hang out with you in public places or with a group, they probably consider you as a friend. This means they don't have much interest in getting to know you. 

Though, this could also mean they are too shy or nervous to hang out with you alone. Keep in mind that this could be a great indicator that they don't care about learning who you are outside of the relationship you already have with one another. 

4. They don't want to talk about the future in specific terms

Alright, brace yourself, this is the big one. Maybe if the dead giveaway. 

Someone who wants a future with you will make plans. They will look at every detail possible. If someone doesn't want to talk about it and say "let's just live in the present", run away. I mean, you could give them time if the relationship is a little new, but you have been warned. 

If you have been dating for a long time and they still don't want to commit to a future with you or even put a label on it, then this person definitely has different plans in mind. 

No matter how easy-going a relationship is, there will always need rules. Some sort of foundation that gives the relationship its worth.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay