Valentine’s Day Ideas for Different Relationship Stages

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Valentine's Day is important for many couples. It's a celebration of the love between two people and a special day that will give you time to spend with that special person.

Whether you've been dating your partner for a long time or you just started dating, being tasteful with how in depth you go with your Valentine's Day gifts is important.

Valentine's Day is important for many couples

You need to know that the length of time you've been with someone will determine how big of a Valentine's Day event should take place. It's important that both partners are on board with this idea.

1st Valentine's Day

The first Valentine's Day can be a tricky one but it doesn't need to be. Too many people overshoot it and undershoot it. It's tough to get just right if you don't know what you're doing. The activity you plan should be fun, low stress and not over the top. Something like a cooking class or a nice card and chocolate will go a long way in telling that special someone how much they mean to you without putting them off.

You don't want to come on too strong with a huge dinner date for someone that you might've only been dating for a few months. At the same time, you still want to let that person know how special they are to you by doing something nice. If you can maintain the balance between making them know they are special and not going over the moon, your first Valentine's Day with that person will be amazing. If you're online dating then maybe you can find a game to play online or watch a movie over a video chat. Online dating is tricky but not impossible.

2nd Valentine's Day

Your second Valentine's Day date will need to be a step up from your first one. If you've made it this far in the relationship then you will have been dating this person for at least a year and things are much more serious between the two of you. This is the perfect date for a planned classic romantic dinner with drinks, music and dessert. Don't forget the flowers.

You should start looking in advance at great places that you can make a reservation for on Valentine's Day. It's tough to get a dinner reservation on Valentine's Day if you don't book it early enough because everyone else has the same idea as you. Start looking early and confirming something nice for you and your date. It'll be a step up from the previous year and a step in the right direction for your relationship.

5th Valentine's Day

By the time your fifth Valentine's Day rolls around, you'll know your partner like the back of your hand. It's best to plan some unique romantic activities that are a change of pace. Always try to keep your partner guessing. These unique romantic activities could be a wine and painting class or a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city. It won't matter as much about how much money you spend but more about that you're still making time for your partner and showing them how much they mean to you.

At the end of the day, your fifth Valentine's Day shows many years of loyalty and love between your partner. It's best to do something different that you've never done before. Dinners and flowers are great but you don't want to seem boring and repetitive.

10th Valentine's Day

Your tenth Valentine's Day with your partner is a milestone. By this time, any cliché Valentine's Day activity has already been done. You need to keep trying to think outside of the box while still showing your partner how much you love them. This could be done by doing something unexpected like a trip to the aquarium or somewhere that isn't just romantic but different. A getaway one night resort stay or an appointment to get a couple's massage are some options you have. Ten Valentine's Days is a lot to spend with the same person and can get repetitive. You need to show that your person is special to you and your relationship is just as spontaneous and fun as it was on the first Valentine's Day.

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